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November 2nd Comment Meme 2019!

Another year, another November. Once again, it’s time for our annual November 2nd comment meme!

OhSam Comment Meme banner for Firsts and Last November meme


In honor of the final season of Supernatural, the theme for this meme is “firsts and lasts”.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Leave a comment with a prompt. As always, since we are a Sam-focused hurt/comfort community, Sam should be the primary recipient of any of the hurt and/or comfort. Prompts can involve Sam being sick, hurt, angsty, or any other scenario that involves him in a hurt/comfort type of position. (Other characters can be hurt if you wish, but Sam is a requirement.)

To fit the theme of the meme (see what I did there?), the prompt should either be a “first” or a “last” -- such as, “Last thing Sam notices before losing consciousness”, or “Last time Sam eats gas mart sushi”, or “Sam’s last words to Dean”, but could also be something like “Sam’s first encounter with a ghost”, or “Sam’s first broken bone”, or “First time Sam hunts solo”.

Step 2: Make all the things! Prompts can be filled as soon as you have a fic or art to fill them!

Step 3: Post it here! Post as a comment to the prompt, or post a link directed to the fanwork you have created to fill the prompt.

The rules:
-Post one prompt per comment, please. This makes it easier to track, and easier to tell which fills go with which prompts. If you have several prompts, post them in separate comments.

-Prompts can be as short or as detailed as you like, but shorter prompts give people more wiggle room to create.

-Post as many prompts as you'd like! The more, the merrier.

-Same goes for fills. You're welcome to fill as many prompts as you want to, and multiple people can absolutely fill the same prompt. We love to see different takes on the same concept.

-Like we said, h/c and Sam-centric.

-No real-person fic (RPF), please.

-Anon posting will be enabled. If you came here from tumblr and don’t have an LJ, just leave an anon comment linking back to your tumblr or AO3 post for any fic/art fills to prompts!

-Use the code below if your fic/art contains potential triggers (non/dub-con, abuse, self-harm, etc.):

-NO SPOILERS FOR UNAIRED EPISODES. Please be courteous and post spoiler warnings for recently aired episodes. Use the following code for spoilers:

-Post fic fills as replies to the initial comment with the subject line “FILLED: [Title] (1/1)” for the number of parts your fic will have (If it doesn’t fit in a single comment, then change to (1/2), (2/2) or however many parts you’ll have. If the fic runs away from you and becomes too long to easily fit in comments, you can also link directly its original source post on LJ, AO3, etc.)

-Post art fills with a link to the original source, preferably with a thumbnail image. Please note whether the art is SFW or NSFW.

-Feedback is love. If you liked it, leave a comment!

-Contact a mod if you have a question.

-Pimp this meme! Spread the word to your friends! As with prompts and fills, the more, the merrier!

-No spamming. No flaming. No character bashing.

-Play nice and have fun!

If you have any trouble posting or have any questions, please poke quickreaver or cowboyguy and we'll take care of you.

Tags: !mod post, &2019 comment meme, &comment-fic meme

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