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Birthday Meme for Sammy! -- Fills Post

It’s today! Happy Birthday to our dear Sammy… now let’s torture the poor boy! Or give him a hug, whichever you prefer!

Welcome to the official fills post for the Hurt vs. Comfort Meme, this year’s iteration of our annual event to commemorate the birth of Sam Winchester.


As we described in the prompts post, the theme of this meme -- the meme theme! -- was “Hurt vs. Comfort.” We had lots of fantastic prompts, and we are so excited to see what you all have come up with.

Now, the posting begins!

— Post a new comment for each fill, using the template at the end of this entry. This makes it easier to track when we’re building the masterlist....

...UNLESS, you have tag-teamed with another person to create matching fic and art, or hurt and comfort sides of the same prompt. Then post the second as a reply to the first so we know they’re tied together. All individual fills, though, should be new comments.

— Anyone who was interested could fill for the same prompt, so we may see multiple works for the same prompt. The more, the merrier!

— We’d love to see a lot of fills posted on May 2nd for Sam’s birthday, but we’ll still allow fills to be posted after that date, as well, so don’t fret if you’re not ready right on time!

Use the code below if your fic/art contains potential triggers (non/dub-con, abuse, self-harm, etc.):

NO SPOILERS FOR UNAIRED EPISODES. Please be courteous and post spoiler warnings for recently aired episodes. Use the following code for spoilers:

No spamming.

Play nice and have fun!

The mods will provide an on-going masterlist of prompts/fills after May 2nd. If you notice a fill missing from the masterlist after a reasonable period, please poke quickreaver or cowboyguy and we'll get that updated as soon as we can.

Please title the comment with your fill with either “Fic: (TITLE)” or “Art: (TITLE)” and copy, paste, and fill in the template below to post your comment.


Tags: !mod post, &hvc birthday meme

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