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Birthday Meme for Sammy!



Spring already? Sam fans know what that means: May 2nd. The day that Sam Winchester came squalling into the world. Happy Birthday, Sam!

And to commemorate—because that's the way we roll—OhSam will be hosting a Hurt vs. Comfort meme! Beginning immediately, like today, leave a single word or short phrase in the comment section below for OhSammers to be enticed into creating a fanwork for—art or fic or both! The catch is you must choose between either 'hurt' or 'comfort', or in other words, 'angst' or 'schmoop'.

There are no official claims, but we encourage replying to a prompt if it sounds tasty. For instance: “Bee sting? Oh BOY do I have some good Dean-soothes-toddler-Sammy ideas for 'comfort'!” Or contrarily, “I'll take 'bee sting' and 'anaphylactic shock' for $500, Alex. All the 'hurt', please.”

As many people can claim a prompt as are inspired! The perk to officially expressing your interest in a prompt (and whether you're considering 'hurt' or 'comfort') is that it might be fun to team up with another participant to create coordinating fills: one person could set up the injury (hurt) and their partner could heal it (comfort). Or artists and authors could tag-team up on a prompt. Totally up to y'all!

On May 2nd, we will open a fresh post for the fills. Post a reply there with your work or, if it's a lengthy fic or art, a link to the work in your journal or elsewhere. And keep posting your fills until you've purged your demons! There is no official end date for this event.


Post one prompt per comment, please. This makes it easier to track, and easier to tell which fills go with which prompts.

Post as many prompts as you'd like! The more, the merrier.

Post as many fills as you'd like! Multiple people can fill the same prompt, just be sure to focus on either 'hurt' (angst) or 'comfort' (schmoop). We love to see different takes on the same concept. There is no minimum or maximum word count. Just do the thing!

The fills must be Sam-centric. Kind of a no-brainer, but hey, just making it official. ;)

Feedback is love. It keeps us coming back for more!

Use the code below if your fic/art contains potential triggers (non/dub-con, abuse, self-harm, etc.):

NO SPOILERS FOR UNAIRED EPISODES. Please be courteous and post spoiler warnings for recently aired episodes. Use the following code for spoilers:

No spamming.

Play nice and have fun!

The mods will provide an on-going masterlist of prompts/fills after May 2nd. If you notice a fill missing from the masterlist after a reasonable period, please poke quickreaver or cowboyguy and we'll get that updated as soon as we can.




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