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November 2017 Comment Meme time!

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Welcome back to another November, and our annual November 2nd meme!

This time around, we're going to do a good old-fashioned comment meme. Starting right now (no, really, right now) post any prompt in the comments of this post, as long as it is h/c-related and Sam-centric.

As soon as you see a prompt you like, fill it! Write a fic, make some art, use your imagination. Post a reply to the original prompt comment with your work or, if it's a lengthy fic or art, a link to the work in your journal or elsewhere.

The rules:
-Post one prompt per comment, please. This makes it easier to track, and easier to tell which fills go with which prompts.

-Post as many prompts as you'd like! The more, the merrier.

-Same goes for fills. You're welcome to fill as many prompts as you want to, and multiple people can absolutely fill the same prompt. We love to see different takes on the same concept.

-Like we said, h/c and Sam-centric.

-Feedback is love. If you liked it, leave a comment!

-Use the code below if your fic/art contains potential triggers (non/dub-con, abuse, self-harm, etc.):

-NO SPOILERS FOR UNAIRED EPISODES. Please be courteous and post spoiler warnings for recently aired episodes. Use the following code for spoilers:

-No spamming.

-Play nice and have fun!

The mods will update the post with a masterlist of prompts/fills periodically throughout the meme. If you notice a prompt or a fill missing from the masterlist, please poke quickreaver or cowboyguy and we'll get that updated as soon as we can.

So get ready, unleash your inner demons your creativity, and start prompting!

Masterlist of Fills

Were It Not That I Have Bad Dreams by intrepidsilt
Also on AO3
Prompt: Cage nightmares, a little bit of h/c from Dean when Sam has nightmares about the Cage. Whatever form that takes, I'm easy!

And The House Burned by foodthatsblue
Prompt: Based on a quote from Bobby in 5x21

“Back at Niveus? I watched that kid pull one civilian out after another. Must have saved 10 people. Never stopped. Never slowed down. We’re hard on him Dean. Always have been. But in the meantime... he’s been running into burning buildings since he was, what... 12?”

I wanna see Sam, 12, running into a burning building to save people. Why not add in some protective Dean and John freaking out that his youngest has run straight into a burning building?

Untitled by caranfindel
Prompt: Dean finds and follows a blood trail left in the snow/sand/forest, and finds a pale and bleeding-out Sam at the end of it.

Tree Hugger by mentholpixie
Prompt: Sam developed psychic abilities at a younger age. Telekinesis, visions, seeing the dead, whatever you choose, whatever age. But how does the Winchester family deal with it? Is the hunting community aware? And what sort of toll do these abilities take on a young Sam?

Find No Scar by hollyhobbit44
Prompt: Sam actually kills himself to keep from being Lucifer's vessel. And Lucifer keeps him promise to just bring him back.

Untitled by toratio
Prompt: Sam knows that Jack is a precious cinnamon roll, but sometimes, Jack just makes a certain expression, or the light catches his eyes just right, or something, and Sam can't help but see Lucifer.

The Case of the Disappearing Nephilim by mollrach13
Prompt: Sam gets hurt protecting Jack from some hunters.

Timberland by crowroad3
Prompt: Wounded Sam being tracked through a forest by Demon Dean.

Riptide by lennelle
Prompt: Instead of Mary, Sam is dragged through the rift with Lucifer at the end of s12.

The Space Between by clown_or_midget
Prompt: Sam and Dean are fighting again about Jack. Dean says some hurtful words to Sam. Jack is watching all this and becomes stressed. His stress opens the door to the alternate world. But not only that, it also opens the door to the cage. Sam and Jack get sucked into the cage while Mary comes back. After some time, Jack was finally able to get them back to the bunker. Cue guilty Dean taking care of Sam, with Mary and Jack helping.

The Hearts of the Fathers by keepcalmsmile
Prompt: Reverse Mystery Spot situation: Dean is the one who has to watch Sam die repeatedly, for whatever reason. Season, cause, etc., all up to author!

Untitled by threadofgrace42
Prompt: In the cage, Lucifer offered Sam and Adam the same deal Alistair offered Dean: he'll stop torturing them if they torture each other. Sam doesn't take it. Adam does.
Bonus points if you include Sam dealing with his feelings about Adam once he got out: anger, fear, forgiveness, regret, compassion etc

A Soul for a Soul by hollyhobbit42
Prompt: In the cage, Lucifer offered Sam and Adam the same deal Alistair offered Dean: he'll stop torturing them if they torture each other. Sam doesn't take it. Adam does.
Bonus points if you include Sam dealing with his feelings about Adam once he got out: anger, fear, forgiveness, regret, compassion etc

Untitled by dragonflybeach
Prompt: Someone else requested Sam losing a leg -- I'd like to see him lose an arm, and see him getting used to trying to do things one-handed. Ending up in tears because he can't figure out how to put his watch on his remaining wrist. Forgetting he's only got one arm and trying to carry a lot of stuff and then realizing he's got no way to open a door. Just all of the frustration that comes with having to re-learn how to do a lot of things, and Dean helping him through it.

Tell Me You Understand by broken_cinders
Prompt: Sam's a teenager, so Dean and John expect that he's going to go through one of those moody phases where he hates talking to his family, but this is just getting ridiculous. Half the time Sam doesn't even answer them, and both of them are getting frustrated with Sam's attitude. They don't realize, though, that Sam is slowly starting to lose his hearing -- he's not ignoring them, he's just not hearing them.

After Hours by lennelle
Prompt: Post episode 7.17, The Born Again Identity, Sam withdraws from all the crap he was given at the hospital.

Fine by face70
Prompt: Anything with Sam freaking out about Lucifer being in the bunker in S11 (either just because of cage memories, or because Lucifer actually does something). Sam&Dean gen.

It Had to Be You by face70
Prompt: Tim and Reggie (from 5x03) are still alive. Sam runs into them on a hunt. They’re not happy about their last encounter.

Anywhere But Here by lennelle
Prompt: Sam has a kind of supernatural synesthesia. Which might be great when he's hunting, because he can recognize monsters by the color or sound or whatever that they give off. It's less good when he's faced with beings like Lucifer and other big bads, whose power creates an overwhelming sensory experience.

It Had to Be You by face70
Prompt: Sam contracts mono early at Stanford and essentially loses the semester, and then his scholarship. With nowhere to go and no way to pay, he attempts suicide. The school contacts Bobby, who tracks down John and Dean. Dean arrives in California to save the day. Gen please. :)

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