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Fic - The T-Shirt

Title: The T-Shirt
Summary: AU Stanford era. It's been a long time since Dean's seen Sam, and now they're meeting at 3am on a back road in-the-middle-of-nowhere California.

Rating: PG13
Warnings: This isn't a happy fic Deathfic, sadfic, AU Stanford era
Word Count: 1700+
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural that privilege belongs to CW, Kripke and Co, I'm simply borrowing them for a while. I'm not making a profit, this is just for fun and all the standard disclaimers apply.
A/N: I wrote this a few months back for a prompt left by kettle_o_fish for the Happy Birthday, Sammy! challenge here at ohsam, and then got distracted and forgot about it. Please take note of the warnings, this isn't a happy fic. A huge thank you to my wonderful beta harrigan for her help and encouragement. I've tinkered so all mistakes are mine.

The T-Shirt

Tags: &birthday challenge, &comment-fic meme, .genre » gen, blood loss, undisclosed, » fic

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