lennelle (lennelle) wrote in ohsam,

Maybe It's For The Best

Title: Maybe It's For The Best
Author: Lennelle
Summary: Sam's sick. Real sick. And maybe it's time for the Winchesters to put aside their stubborness and figure things out.
Word Count: 6698
Author's Note:Prompted by Anonymous: For a prompt, I have actually been hoping to see a Stanford story where Sam is either critically hurt or very sick and Dean and John have to find out from an outsider (maybe Bobby or Jim). I would prefer this to either be before Jess or AU without Jess. Just guilty Dean and John because they weren't around and plenty of sick or hurt Sam!
The end is open to interpretation.
Set during the Stanford-era

On AO3 | LJ
Tags: .genre » gen, fainting/collapse, heart condition, unconsciousness, » fic
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