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Rec post!

ohsam, as well as providing a place for people to post Sam-focused h/c fics, will also feature rec posts for them. Currently we're going to try for one rec post a month, with occasional exceptions to be made for special themes (episode tags/codas and the like).

There will be recs based on themes, pairings/genres, episodes, insta-recs, etc.

There will be mod rec posts and guest rec posts, depending on our whim and how many people have made recommendations in a given month.

If you have any Sam-focused hurt/comfort fanwork recs of your own that you'd like to be part of the monthly guest rec post(s), please submit them below.

Please don't self-rec here, although self-reccing in the monthly posts is fine and even encouraged. If you have a fic of your own that you want to share, then simply post it or a link to it in the community itself.

Please please please suggest and link to other fanworks that go with the theme, pairing/genre, etc. in the comments to any rec post so that others can check them out. These recs won't be part of the monthly guest rec post(s), but we want them anyway!

How to submit a rec:

If you have any Sam-focused hurt/comfort fanwork recs of any type, genre, or pairing that you'd like to be part of our monthly guest rec post(s), this is the place to do it!

Just copy, paste, and fill out the comment form below as a comment to this post at any time.

At the end of each month, your friendly neighbourhood mods will compile the recs into themed posts, and provide you with a healthy, balanced diet of recs. Or, uh, something. Yes. A monthly rec post, in any event!


Anyone can comment here to submit fanwork recs. You may do so under your username or anonymously. Contributers who leave their usernames will be acknowledged in the rec posts, because reccers need lovin' too!

You may rec as many fanworks as you want, in the same comment or different comments as you discover/think of them.

This may change later, but for now, don't worry if something's been recced before. It will always be new to someone, and if something is recced many times in the same month, I'll just make note of that in the suitable rec post.

Yes, you can totally rec fanworks that have previously been posted to the comm by the author/artist herself.

No RPF/RPS recs, please. This is a Sam-focused community. There are plenty of other communities out there that can cater to your needs in that department.

Again, please don't self-rec here. You're encouraged to self-rec, however, in the comments to any rec post, or else simply post your story to the community!

Mods reserve the right to edit recs for purposes of fixing spelling and grammar and to add summaries, warnings and whatever else we feel like.

Comments to this post are screened, to keep things simple.

Any other questions? Feel free to ping the mods.


Example of how to fill out your comment form:

Title: Untitled works too.
Author or artist's name:
Genre/pairing: Gen or Sam/Dean, etc.
Reccer's comments: What you like about the fanwork, and any other comments you may have about it. Caveats go here too, but please keep it nice!
Link to fanwork: THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. No link, no rec. :)
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