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Prompts for the Ohsam fic challenge are here!

Okay, from November 2nd to November 11th inclusively, leave up to five Sam-centric h/c prompts! You don't have to participate in the challenge to leave a prompt, although it is encouraged! I will compile a master list under the cut, along with claims. (You don't have to prompt in order to claim, either, for that matter, but again, it is encouraged!)

One prompt per comment, please, and please warn for spoilers and/or any triggers in your prompt. We encourage "greying out" spoilers and triggers, or using white font, whichever works better for you. Please specify if your prompt is for gen, slash, het, other or if you don't mind either way. I will be listing the prompts by pairing (if you can call gen a pairing, but let's not start splitting hairs, right?)

After November 11th, prompting will be closed, and claiming will commence until November 30th, but you can post at any time until February 2nd.


Prompting is now closed! In a few minutes I'll be putting up the claims post. The rules for claiming will be explained, have no fear.
Tags: !mod post, &fic challenge
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