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Summer Comment-fic meme!

It's been forever since we had a straight-up comment-fic meme, am I right? So let's get this show on the road!



→ Leave a comment here with your prompt. This is a Sam-focused hurt/comfort community, so Sam should be the one in the hurt/comforted role. Your prompts may involve sick!Sam, hurt!Sam, angsty!Sam, basically anything that results in Sam being on the receiving end of hurt/comfort. (No rules against whumping other characters as well, of course, but you have to whump Sam first. ;) )
→ In your prompt, please state your desired characters or pairings. All genres/pairings welcome, but no real-person (RPF) prompts.

Example A: “Sam, Dean, gen, set in season 2. Sam has a vision and passes out. Cue caring!Dean and limp!Sam.”
Example B: “Sam/Dean, trauma. Sam is injured on a hunt, Dean freaks out when he thinks Sam might be dead.”

→ Post as many prompts as you like - but one prompt per comment. If you've got a couple, comment with each separately.
→ Prompts can be as short or detailed as you like. Remember though - more detail means less wriggle room for the writer, which might lower the chances of someone picking up your prompt.
→ Go through the prompts! If you find one you like, write a fic for it. There's no limit to how many users can reply to a prompt, or how many prompts someone can write for.
When replying to a prompt with your comment-fic, put ‘filled’ in your subject line and then anything else you want, like a title if you have one/part numbers. It’s not a big deal if you forget this step, but it will make it easier for people to find your fic. As subject lines are no more, please begin your fills with the word FILLED and a TITLE in BOLD - the first box on this page shows you how to position the bold tag for proper results.
→ If you notice that your fic is not on the master list after a decent amount of time (say, two days), please poke me in a PM. I might have missed it.
→ Anon posting enabled.
→ Play nice - no flaming and no character bashing, period. Any comments that break this rule will be deleted without warning.
→ Feedback is catnip for writers. Leave some author-love!
→ No spam comments.
→ Contact one of the mods if you have a question.
→ Spread the Sam love - pimp this meme!
→ Have fun!

Master List of Fills

Mod Note: I have severely restricted access to the Internet these days, due mostly to time constraints. Bear with me if your fills don't appear right away, okay? :)

Priorities; by center_galaxy; Outsider POV: pizza guy/girl. Goes to deliver a pie (veggie lover's delight?) to a remote motel. The big guy that answers the door is in no way healthy (either he's woefully sick or beaten all to hell.) Or maybe the door is ajar and the delivery person can see someone passed out on the floor.

Winchester Luck; by chaos_slave; Sam falls/gets thrown off a cliff.

Bath Time Blues; by cherry916; Sam Dean John gen Pre-series. Sam has a back injury or some sort of back problem, he's not paralysed, but he can't lift anything. Dean and John are fussing over him and watching him like a hawk to make sure he follows the doctor's orders.

The Itch You Can't Scratch; by cherry916; Sam gets a nasty rash from the hellhound blood all over him.

Side Effects; by center_galaxy; "Everybody Hates Hitler" AU. What if the Nazi Necromancer poison didn't go away nearly as quickly as it did in the actual ep? Or had some nasty aftereffects?

The Very Thought of You; by center_galaxy; Jess has worked the late night shift at a diner for months now. But when the tall guy with the dimples that calls in every night for a coffee suddenly stops coming, she gets worried because no one seems to notice he's missing but her. Then a few nights later he stumbles into the diner, all beat up and bloody.

Occupational Hazard; by omh_6; It's the summer of Sam's 13th year. Dean is already Dad's right-hand man and Too Cool for School, and Sam has been scrambling to keep up, then KAPOW. Growth spurt. Almost overnight, Sam finds himself eye-to-eye with his 'big' brother and you'd think that'd make him happy, right? But no, this is Sam Winchester we're talking, here. Cue the growing pains, eternal hunger, long ungainly limbs, screwed up center of gravity.

Angry Spirits Don't Care About Mud; by calypsobard;"Maybe Sam should've listened to his brother before he decided to play the hero and run back into that house."

The Worst Thing; by scribble2much; The memories of the cage are so strong that Sam begins to show psychosomatic symptoms to some of Lucifer's tortures.

On the Side of the Road; by jasmineisland; Back in season 5, after Dean and Sam split up; Sam hitchhikes, thing is, the angels are out to tear him apart, now that they’ve got them split up; they recruit a demon or something to that effect, to do their dirty work. The demon ends up raping him on the side of the road., while or right before Dean ends up calling him to reconcile.

Anything For You; by center_galaxy; Remember Sam's broken wrist way back when? He had a cast, it healed, all was well. Until somewhere in his late 30s the pain he's been ignoring for a while becomes a constant thing. They discover that Sam's been walking around with an improperly healed carpal bone and as a result has some nasty degenerative arthritis, and Dean decides this is a good time to hang it up and retire. But, just because they're done with the supernatural, doesn't mean that it's done with them and when Dean goes missing - Sam and his swollen, knobby "it's not entirely useless, dammit" hand have to find him. It's frustrating, it's dangerous, it hurts - but it's his brother, you know?

What I Would Give for You by center_galaxy Sam gets tuberculosis.

And a Pillar of Fire by Night by ladyarcherfan3 (gen please) At the end of 8.23, Sam tries to "let go" of the trials. The glow leaves his arms and he shows Dean with a smile before crying out in pain and collapsing. What if Sam''s collapse was caused by the Angels falling rather than just the trial's; side effects? He could be overloading on the same thing the Batcave is sensing when the machines turn on.

Better Than it Was by calypsobard Post season 8; The boys run into Jody Mills. She's still (quite understandably) shaken and freaked by her near-death-by-Crowley. However, once she sees how ill Sam looks, she seizes upon nursing Sam back to health as her new mission.

Just Press Reset by scribble2much  In the wake of s8 there would have to be some lingering trust issues for Sam regarding Dean's forgiveness and respect. So maybe something years down the line when they are in one of their desperate situations and Dean does a "we're good, right?" check and somehow realizes that Sam flat out doesn't believe him, and has just gotten used to the idea that Dean loves him, sure, but won't ever think well of him or believe that Sam has lived down his mistakes. And Dean is all "YES I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE MY LITTLE BROTHER BUT I ALSO LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME" in some very convincing way and then Sam cries

Overflow by monicawoe Sam/Dean or gen; Getting all charged up for the Trials and then not discharging that energy by closing the gates of hell may not have been such a great idea. Sam's not sick any more, but his powers are back -- visions, telekinesis, other freaky stuff -- and he has no control over it and he's starting fires and hurting people. And then it gets worse and he's causing little cracks in the reality around him, cracks between earth and heaven and hell and purgatory and the fae realm. At this point it's not even that discharging the energy all at once will probably kill him, it's that they don't know how to do it without blowing the whole thing apart.

Helpless by jasmineisland Sam breaks his collar bone and needs help with the very basics of daily life, IE. getting dressed, brushing his hair and so on.

One Soul, Needfully Patched by indiachick While Death is building the Great Wall of Sam, he tries to fix as much of the hell trauma as he can. Sam's head is one messy place though.

Work in Progress by mentholpixie Sam and Dean are at a bar and for some reason (up to the author) a bunch of guys start bad mouthing Sam and making fun of him. Sam just shrugs it off, but NOBODY is allowed to hurt Sam's feelings on Dean's watch, so Dean pretty much knocks the crap outta these guys and makes sure his brother is OK. :)

Anything At All by center_galaxy Gen, pls! Remember Sam's broken wrist way back when? He had a cast, it healed, all was well. Until somewhere in his late 30s the pain he's been ignoring for a while becomes a constant thing, a constant sense of pain that he feels when it's cold, when rain's coming. It's difficult to use his dominant hand - he can barely hold a pen or a fork, let alone a gun. Under the appropriate assumed identity, Dean takes Sam to get it checked out. They discover that Sam's been walking around with an improperly healed carpal bone and as a result has some nasty degenerative arthritis. It's been years and the doc they go to see doesn't think that there are a great deal of surgical options. He recommends injections to reduce the inflammation, some ibuprofen for daily use, some lortab or percocet when it's particularly bad, and for Sam to do what he can to start training his left hand while at the same time working to keep maximized function of his right. Dean decides this is a good time to hang it up and retire. Little place, little jobs, and Sam and Dean get by - working out Sam's hand, getting injections, and living. But, just because they're done with the supernatural, doesn't mean that it's done with them and when Dean goes missing - Sam and his swollen, knobby "it's not entirely useless, dammit" hand have to find him. It's frustrating, it's dangerous, it hurts - but it's his brother, you know?

Washed Up Like Poison by starling_night The thing about being human is that you can know things with your mind, believe them with all of your soul, and still have this little place in your heart that doesn't give a shit. Ruby lied to Sam, she manipulated him, and when he was with her - he was as close to being evil as he's ever been, barring the soulless Sam debacle. If she was brought back to life, he wouldn't hesitate to do everything he had to to make certain that it wasn't for very damned long. But, still, here and there, now and then, he thinks of her, he misses her just the tiniest bit. Sure, she was a vile, lying demon, using him to bring about the rise of the Devil and the eventual end of the world, but there were quiet moments, peaceful ones where they'd lie together while the sun came up, while the candles burned down, while the world went from silence to waking. And no matter how it frustrates him, how much he hates himself every time he thinks of her instead of those he misses that actually deserve it (i.e. the Good Saint Jessica), he is unable to do anything with that tiny little place in his heart that thinks "I know it wasn't real, I know she lied and was truly Evil with a capital E, but sometimes, I still miss her."

Scapegoat by reggie11 Teenchesters. In retaliation to Dean stealing his girl/showing him up/whatever, a school bully (or bullies) drags Sam into the school bathroom and cuts his hair off. Cue distraught Sammy and protective, pissed off, big brother Dean; Gen please!

A City Broken Into by sharktheory Naomi orders Castiel to kill Sam

Nutcracker by jasmineisland Sam is hiding that he's injured or more injured than Dean thinks or that he's sick from Dean 'cause he thinks that Dean has enough to 'deal with' already, love it to be canon; Skin, The Benders, Devils Trap, any of the episodes from early Season 2, pretty much any episode in Season 5, Let it Bleed, Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie and sooooo many more episodes where this could happen; Dean gets all guilty when he finds Sam treating himself and mother-hens Sam back to health; Gen or Slash

Instinct written by monicawoe art by quickreaver After the trials, Sam doesn't get better. Kevin's theory is that it's cancer: the trials are supposed to purge him of all physical and spiritual impurities, so tuberculosis is out, and cancer is the only reason left for Sam to be coughing his lungs up when he's supposed to be the pinnacle of human perfection. Nope. Sam's falling apart because the demon blood is gone.

Surfacing by a_starfish Cas's completely, face-palmingly nonsensical "fix" for Hallucifer doesn't work. Not quite all the way, and not forever; Gen or Wincest, any rating.

Time and Time Again by center_galaxy Kid!Sam time travels forward and meets current!Dean (without current!Sam, preferably, but I'm not that picky). Dean's having a bad time with his PTSD from . Sam freaks out and is generally scared of the big gruff hunter who's trying to help him get home. And then he finds the amulet tucked away somewhere. Or maybe he sees a picture of himself and Dean. Or he's just smart enough to put two and two together. Whatever the case, he figures out that this is what his big brother becomes and he's terrified. Bonus points for wee!Sam witness torturer!Dean.

42 Blankets and Towels by hadassah934 Sam and Dean are both sick. Charlie finds out and brings chicken soup and geeky movies to the batcave.

Save or Kill by of_nightingales John shoots Sam. On purpose or accident -- repercussions are going to be severe in any case.

Like Groundhog Day by foolscapper Gen, during Mystery Spot. So, after countless Tuesdays, let's say Sam's gotten a little desperate. I mean, if Dean dying means resetting the day, then maybe him dying will end the loop? The youngest Winchester figures it's worth a try and starts to put himself in situations where Dean usually died (ex: walking into the middle of the street with a speeding car coming at him). Dean, on the other hand, can't figure out what the heck is going on with his brother. Bonus points if Sam eventually breaks down in tears, puts a gun to his head and Dean has to talk him down from pulling the trigger.
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