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comment fic meme


→ Leave a comment here with your fic and/or art prompt. This is a Sam-focused hurt/comfort community, so Sam should be the one in the hurt/comforted role. Your prompts may involve sick!Sam, hurt!Sam, angsty!Sam, basically anything that results in Sam being on the receiving end of hurt/comfort. (No rules against whumping other characters as well, of course, but you have to whump Sam first. ;) )
→ In your prompt, please state your desired characters or pairings and medium (fic or art). All genres/pairings welcome, but no real-person (RPF) prompts.
This is a fall/winter/holiday themed meme! Your fic/art prompts should take this theme into consideration!

Example A: “Sam, Dean, gen, set in season 2. Sam has a vision and passes out in the middle of a blizzard. Cue caring!Dean and limp!hypothermic!Sam.”
Example B: “Sam/Dean, trauma. Sam hates Halloween. Dean finds out why.”
→ Post as many prompts as you like - but one prompt per comment. If you've got a couple, comment with each separately.
→ Prompts can be as short or detailed as you like. Remember though - more detail means less wriggle room for the writer, which might lower the chances of someone picking up your prompt.
→ Go through the prompts! If you find one you like, write a fic or create some art for it. There's no limit to how many users can reply to a prompt, or how many prompts someone can create for.
→ Please feed the artists! Many members of this community are fantastic artists! Leave an art prompt to tickle their muses!
When replying to a prompt with your comment-fic or art, put ‘filled’ in your subject line and then anything else you want, like a title if you have one/part numbers. It’s not a big deal if you forget this step, but it will make it easier for people to find your fic. As subject lines are no more, please begin your fills with the word FILLED and a TITLE in BOLD
→ If you notice that your submission is not on the master list after a decent amount of time (say, two days), please poke me in a PM. I might have missed it.
Please remember, if your fic/art includes potential triggers (non/dub-con, abuse, self-harm, etc.) please grey out your text using the following code and put a warning before.

→ Anon posting enabled.
→ Play nice - no flaming and no character bashing, period. Any comments that break this rule will be deleted without warning.
→ Feedback is catnip for creators. Leave some love!
→ No spam comments.
→ Contact one of the mods if you have a question.
→ Spread the Sam love - pimp this meme!
→ Have fun!

As always feel free to poke me or the wonderful ratherastory if you have any questions.

Hives for the Holidays by interflora
Sam is allergic to Christmas trees.

The Curse of Mononucleosis by interflora
Sam has mono, which gives the boys a great excuse to take some time off and enjoy Christmas at Bobby's house. Bobby tries to give them the works, even though Sam keeps falling asleep through a lot of it. Lots of fussing over feverish Sam, please!

Sea Otters and Bumblebees by hopeintheashes
Gen. Sam is sick and drifting in and out of sleep on the couch while Dean teaches Cas how to make a real Thanksgiving dinner. Any other "family" members (Bobby, Jody, etc.) can be there too!

The Right Way Up by mollrach13
The boys are getting older. Dean's body may have been brand new after hell, but Sam never got that quick fix. He still has all his old scars and injuries. And when the weather gets cold, it's harder to get his joints to loosen up. Especially in the mornings.

Precious Treasures by annie46
Sam ends up unconscious and/or hurt (maybe on a hunt?) and Dean has to take care of him. It's all very traumatic and bloody with Dean near panic and giving his "I'mma patch you up, make you good as new. That's my job right? To look after my pain in the ass little brother?" speech to an unresponsive Sam. Well as Dean is patching Sam up, he discovers the amulet under Sam's layers of shirts. He reflects on that Christmas back in 91 and how he threw out the amulet in DSOTM. I would LOVE if this took place in season 8 and Dean realizes that Sam cares more than he's letting on. (I am still holding out hope that Sam went for 'normal' because losing Dean hurt too much for him to focus on and drove him insane because he failed to save Dean again)

Black Ice by snarkymuch
Sam slips on black ice and screws up his back, possibly breaking his collarbone. Now casted, Dean must do everything for Sam because his brother can't use his arms.

Curiosity Killed the Cat by cherry916
"Dean... Is Mommy real?"

James Herriot Never Had To Deal With This Crap by rokhal
I would like to see Dean and Amelia working together to save Sam, maybe even Amelia using her vet skills? And Dean to see them interact perhaps? Basically hope to see her earn the big brother seal of approval. And Dean maybe reminded of how good normal was for him in S6 and realize that he is doing essentially the same thing to Sam now as Not!Sam was doing to back then and to acknowledge that Sam might need some peace and normal as much as he does. ECK I don't know if I am making any sense here, I just want caring Dean because I miss him!

Shock by snarkymuch
Any season, gen or wincest. Sam and Dean trapped in a collapsed cave or building, or stranded in the middle of nowhere. Sam took a bad hit or fall and clearly has an awful head and/or neck injury- slurred speech, loss of motor skills/coordination, confusion, slipping in and out of consciousness and further into shock. He said he couldn't feel his body, and Dean doesn't know if it's the actual injury or just Sam's perception being off, but he takes solace in the fact that when he squeezed Sam's hand, his fingers twitched in response. Help is coming-- nature of the help is up to you-- but it'll be a few hours and Dean does his best to take care of Sam until help arrives, watching Sam deteriorate despite his best efforts the whole time.

Unbearably Cold by tarotgal
Sam is hit by a curse that leaves him unbearably cold. Cue Cas holding/cuddling/wrapping him in his trench-coat to help get him warm while Dean tries to find a way to break the curse. If you wanted to make it a Team Free Will sandwich for Sam as well I would not be opposed to the idea. I just want Cas being really concerned and thus really adorable with Sam.

Yet Another Lonely Christmas by jasmineisland
Season 8 fic - With Dean's new hunter focus, raw personality he doesn't really pay much attention to the date. Two days before xmas he gets a call from Benny and buggers off leaving Sam all alone through the holiday. The second year now in a row without his brother. How Sam copes with the holidays alone and whether Dean figures it out or not is up to author but muchos love goes out to someone who can get Dean and Sam back in sync.

Join the Triumph in the Skies by starling_night
Christmas in the cage was horrifying and terrible with special efforts being mad at this time. Sam has flash backs/panic attacks when he hears Christmas songs/carols because Lucifer loved to sing them to him during the Christmas celebrations in the Cage. Cue lots of caring big brother Dean.

Hell for the Holidays by everydayaparade
Christmas in the cage was horrifying and terrible with special efforts being mad at this time. Sam has flash backs/panic attacks when he hears Christmas songs/carols because Lucifer loved to sing them to him during the Christmas celebrations in the Cage. Cue lots of caring big brother Dean.

vanish in the haze by starling_night
Sam was on antidepressants the whole time Dean was gone, which helped but led to a general apathy. Now that Dean's back, he's trying to go off of them without telling him. It's hard. Dean realizes something's up

If I Come in From the Cold by madame_naan
Sam spends the holiday an the hospital with a nasty case of pneumonia (and an awesome big brother).

art fill by ceedeeandco

Run Run Riot by interflora
Turns out that Amelia isn't real - She was Sam's way of coping with Dean's "death". On Christmas, he and Dean stop by her to see her (and Riot), only to discover the truth. Sam goes into meltdown mode, and Dean has to calm him down. He also tries to figure out what really went down in the year he was gone.

And if I Die Before I Wake by monicawoe
Sam is sick, feverish and hanging somewhere between life and death. For Dean is 'just a flu'. He can't see that Sam is fighting off some kind of demonic infection. But when he hears Sam calling Lucifer to help him (when Lucifer does, in a sweet and creepy way) Dean panics (and is ridden with guilt?).

No Such Thing as an Easy Hunt by jasmineisland
Set season 1 or 2. Sam and Dean are at a Christmas tree farm like place, for whatever reason. Somehow a tree/trees fall on Sam, he gets covered in many scratches and bruises. Lots of protective!Dean, Hurt/comfort and Gen only please.

untitled by reading_is_in
Dean's actions in "Southern Comfort" send Sam spiraling back into his season five headspace. On Thanksgiving, he decides to kill himself and Dean walks in just before he can do it.

Choices by everydayaparade
Dean's actions in "Southern Comfort" send Sam spiraling back into his season five headspace. On Thanksgiving, he decides to kill himself and Dean walks in just before he can do it.

spam sandwiches by starling_night
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