Lexicale (lexicale) wrote in ohsam,

FIC: We Can Make the World Stop

Title: We Can Make the World Stop
Author: lexicale
Rating: PG-13
Genre/pairing: Gen
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby
Word count: 6,262
Summary: After 7x06, Dean and Sam are separated. Dean is at Bobby's, nursing a hangover, when he hears of Sam's arrest. He's over five hundred miles away and able to do nothing but watch the television when the hell in Sam's head breaks him completely.

Based on the prompt found here.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: 'Supernatural' and its characters do not belong to me and are used without permission.
Notes: Written for the ohsam comment meme challenge.

We Can Make the World Stop
Tags: &fic challenge, .genre » gen, hell/post-hell issues, insanity, » fic

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