Nebula (authoressnebula) wrote in ohsam,

Breathe Me, 1/2, PG-13, Gen, S2

Title: Breathe Me
Rating: PG-13 with bad language (Dean drops some bombs)
Chapter: 1 of 2
Spoilers: Beginning of Season 2.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Title taken from Sia's "Breathe Me".
Summary: Written for shangrilada's prompt at ohsam's fic challenge. Dean really doesn't want to do this, but Sam's cough isn't getting better, and so yeah, maybe the kid's been having some nightmares about hospitals, but they don't really have a choice, and it'll be fine. Sure.
Wordcount: 9,007 total. This section roughly 4,000.

A/N: There are two POVs in this fic, one past tense, one present. It'll make sense when you start reading it, but truly, I knew what I was doing when I wrote it. Really.

A/N the 2nd: I feel like I picked every single tag available. Yay for lots of hurt?

Part 1

Tags: &fic challenge, .genre » gen, bronchitis, concussion, cough, fainting/collapse, fever, grief, heart condition, hospitalization, infection, phobia, pneumonia, stress, unconsciousness, » fic

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