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A few fics

Title: Sam is Waiting for the Fall
Author: [info]yami_faerie
Rating: PG-13? (there's swearing and stuff)
Genre/pairing: hurt/comfort, gen
Characters: Sam, Dean, Cas
Word count: approx. 2,000
Summary: Sam gets dosed with demon blood. Dean stays with him in the panic room as he detoxes and gets sick.
Spoilers: takes place a month after 5.14 "My Bloody Valentine"
Author's Note: Written for 27_jaredjensen's Sneezy Sam comment-fic meme. The prompt is from [info]shangrilada: "On a hunt, Sam somehow gets dosed with demon blood, in front of Dean. Dean is obviously MAD MAD MAD MAD but not at Sam because it wasn't even a little his fault. They sit down in the panic room together and wait for it to get bad. And Sam gets sick from it--really really fucking sick, in Dean's opinion--but Sam keeps saying that it's going to get worse, that the other times he was detoxing were so so so much worse, and eventually he tells Dean about it and Dean cannot believe that he used to lock Sam down here alone."
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural in any way, shape or form. So there.

Title: Sammy's Sunburn
Author: [info]yami_faerie
Rating: PG (mild swearing again)
Genre/pairing: sorta-casefic h/c, gen
Characters: Sam, Dean
Word count: 600-ish
Summary: From [info]27_jaredjensen's prompt on the sneezy-Sam meme: "sneezy Sam’s nose gets sunburned". That is all.
Disclaimer: Not mine, thanks for asking.

Title: Gonna be a Butterfly Someday
Author: [info]yami_faerie
Rating: PG (some more swearing like usual lol)
Genre/pairing: mild casefic, hurt/comfort, gen
Characters: Sam, Dean, John
Word count: just under 2,000
Summary: Sam gets a cold in the middle of a job. Dean and John discover their witnesses respond more to a sick Sam than to two gruff-looking men. They take advantage.
Author's note: This was prompted by [info]saltfuture: "The boys (or it could also be when they're teens, with John) are in this crappy town for a case. Dean's doing the interviews alone because Sam has a cold, but everyone is super reticent to talk because Dean looks all menacing, lol. So then Dean/John drags sniffly sneezy sick Sam out because he is so adorable and non-threatening (despite being eight hundred feet tall) and people might want to talk to him. And everyone is like AWWW LOOK AT HIS FLOPPY HAIR AND SWEET SICK ADORABLE FAAAAACE AND PUPPY DOG EYES and are all cooperative and forthcoming with him. And maybe they could also make him tea and stuff for his cold. Yeah."
Disclaimer: They are Kripke's. Not mine.

Title: Sammy Coughing Through It All
Rating: PG? (some swearing, again, like always, whatevs)
Genre/pairing: casefic-ish, hurt/comfort, gen
Characters: Sam, Dean, OCs
Word count: around 1,000, little more
Summary: Sam has a bad asthma cough. Their witness interviews involve a lot of different reactions. Dean gets protective. Yep.
Spoilers: I guess at least through season 2 *shrugs* Also, Sam has asthma.
Author's Note: And another fic from the meme, also prompted by the lovely [info]saltfuture: "Sam has a crazy bad cough but you know, there are things to kill and people to save so they've gotta do those witness interviews.
Everyone they interview either:
(a) Is concerned about catching tuberculosis/the plague from Sam.
(b) Goes all mother-hen and tells Sam he should be in bed (And Dean is like rjkdgjakldg; DO YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT)
(c) Wants to make Sam tea and let him take a nap on their couch while Dean interviews them."
Disclaimer: I don't own any Winchesters, sorry.

Title: Group Interview From Hell
Author: [info]yami_faerie
PG (some swearing, but mild)
Genre/pairing: gen, um h/c?
Characters: Sam, Dean, random OC teachers
Word count: like 700
Summary: Sam isn't suffering from his hayfever. It’s some stupid person who overdosed on their perfume/cologne/shit. Cue Detective Dean.
Author's Note: Another fill from the Sneezy Sam meme. This prompt also comes from [info]shangrilada: "They're interviewing witnesses. There are a lot of them, and Sam is crazy allergic to someone's perfume but damn if he knows whose. Dean is surreptitiously trying to figure out which one and engineer some space between her and his brother, but they're supposed to be, like, professional and shit. Because they're being FBI agents. In the suits. And ties. Yeah."
Disclaimer: The boys will never be mine. Ever.

Title: More Important
Author: [info]yami_faerie
Rating: G-PG (minor swearing)
Genre/pairing: Hurt/Comfort, gen
Characters: Sam, Dean
Word count: like 500
Summary: Sometimes Sam's more important than a car.
Author's Note: Also from [info]27_jaredjensen's Sneezy Sam comment-fic meme, prompt (again) by [info]saltfuture: "Sam has a cold which leads to a nosebleed, which leads to him snotting and bleeding all over Dean. Or maybe he's really sick and lying in the backseat of the car when it happens and yet Dean does not kill him for messing up his baby's seats." It's got a little bit of angst and tons of schmooooooop.
Disclaimer: They aren't mine.

Title: Why Vampires Are Idiots
Author: [info]yami_faerie
Rating: PG-13
Genre/pairing: Action/adventure, gen
Characters: Sam, Dean, vampires
Word count: approx. 2,000
Summary: "These vampires were idiots, thinking they could take Sam from Dean and get away with it."
Spoilers: General through season 2?
Author's Note: Another great prompt by [info]saltfuture: "Sam has a sneezy cold and really stuffy nose that he cannot breathe through at all. And then the MOTW kidnaps him and ties him up with something in his mouth so he can't breathe through that either. And so Dean has to find him like, yesterday."
Disclaimer: Boys aren't mine, as much as I wish.

I hope I tagged everything, these fics cover a lot of them. :)
Tags: .genre » gen, allergies, asthma, chronic illness, cold, cough, dehydration, fever, flu, grief, hallucinations, hay fever, hugs/cuddling, kidnapping, sneezing, suffocation, sunburn, withdrawal

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