Virtual Personal (virtualpersonal) wrote in ohsam,
Virtual Personal

Ghost of Christmases Past 3/? [NC-17] Dean/Sam

Title: Ghost of Christmases Past
Authors: Cas (virtualpersonal) & brimstonegold
Pairing: Sam/Dean (not bros)
Ratings/Warnings: AU, NC-17, references to domestic abuse/violence
Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to us, they belong to Kripke
Summary: The Winchester family is gearing up for a peaceful Christmas season and for their first anniversary of when they met, but someone has other, darker plans for them. This is a timestamp or short follow up to our Gift!Verse Christmas story The Best Gift Of All Hurt/comfort, schmoop, domestic fic, Valentines, HEA.

Chapter 3
Tags: .pairing » sam/dean, cuts/lacerations, sprain

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