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A few asthmaverse stories...


Title: Sammy's Little World
Summary: Sam calls Dean a few weeks after he starts dating Jess. They talk about her and about asthma and nothing else happens, seriously. 
Warnings/Spoilers: None, it's Stanford.
Wordcount: 2,439

Season 1: 

Title: Think of Sam as Something New
Summary: John doesn't fall for traps. Neither does Sam. Set at the very end of 1.16, "Shadow."
Warnings/Spoilers: Through Season 1. 
Wordcount: 5,158
Author's Note Another prompt by AlanahC, who's basically (along with familybizness) the creative director of Sammyverse at this point. They come up with ideas, I write 'em down. Title is from "In My Life" by The Beatles.

Season 2: 

Title: Getting Through to Sammy
Summary: Sometimes fathers screw up. Set a month after John's death.
Warnings/Spoilers: Through Season 2 would be good. 
Wordcount: 3,622
Author's Noteyami_faerie needed Sam having an allergic reaction because someone screwed up. I responded by putting him in a cast, feeding him peanuts, and making him cry over his father. Happy Monday? 

Tags: .genre » gen, allergies, asthma, bed sharing, chronic illness, cough, crying, grief, hugs/cuddling, poisoning, smoke inhalation, » fic

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