Caitlin (purplehrdwonder) wrote in ohsam,

Fic: My Heart Stumbles On

Title: My Heart Stumbles On
Author: [info]purplehrdwonder
Rating: PG-13
Genre/pairing: Gen
Characters: Sam, Dean, Levi!Dean, Lucifer
Word count: ~2,850
Summary: [7.06 AU] The Dean-adjacent leviathan ripped into Sam, breaking not only skin, but his tenuous grip on reality and his faith in his his stone number one: Dean.
Spoilers: Through 7.06
Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize.

This was written for [info]hellunbounded’s prompt at the Sam-focused hurt/comfort fic challenge at [info]ohsam.

My Heart Stumbles On
Tags: &fic challenge, .genre » gen, blood loss, hell/post-hell issues

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