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Filled - Oh Sam Prompt fic - Before & After 1 of 1

Title : Before and After
Author: annie46
Pairing(s)/Character(s):Soulless Sam/Dean – Sam/Dean
Rating: NC17
Summary: How does Dean control his soulless brother?
A/N Written for the ohsam comment fic challenge from a prompt from anonymous While Sam's soul is still in hell, Sam and Dean's relationship changes. Dean takes control of every part of Sam's life, sexually and otherwise. But Sam is still soulless, and what might have been a loving relationship once, isn't now. Dean has no qualms about hurting Sam, and soulless Sam has no qualms about being hurt. How does Sam react when he gets his soul back and sees all the new scars and bruises he has? Does Dean tell him what happened? I'm thinking Sam would be disturbed by the consent issues, and the lack of control, so soon after possession and learning that his whole life has been a ploy, etc. I’ve changed the prompt slightly but tried to keep faithful to the original.
Disclaimers:I don’t own Sam or Dean – they belong to Kripke and the CW
Warnings Dub con issues, bondage, masochism, control issues.

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Tags: &fic challenge, .genre » slash, .genre » wincest, .pairing » sam/dean, cuts/lacerations, sexual abuse: dub-con

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