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intro to asthmaverse

Hola hooligans. So if you've seen me posting those links to my asthmaverse fics and been like what is this woman on about, how is she making a whole verse out of asthma, what is in her drinking water, and you are just the slightest bit curious, there's now a nice intro! This one comes chronologically before aaaaall the rest and it's fluffy as all hell but Sam still gets beat up and it's quick and easy and all that jazz. So you should give it a click if you've been considering it even a little. Or if you've never heard about any of this but now you're intrigued.

Title: Sam's Been a Good Little Worker Bee
Summary: From a prompt by AlanahC. For a belated 16th birthday present, Dean takes Sam to Disney World. There's asthma and an extreme overdose of banter and Dean gets a speech, like always. 
Warnings/Spoilers: None at all. It's about Disney World, seriously.  
Wordcount: 3,606
Author's Note:  So. This is Sammyverse. Sam has asthma because of ~*reasons*~, but all that scary stuff in the future! Right now he's just Dean's favorite little wheezy thing in the whole world.
Tags: .genre » gen, allergies, asthma, chronic illness, cough, » fic

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