monicawoe (monicawoe) wrote in ohsam,

It Happened Like This (Gen, R)

Title: It Happened Like This
Author: monicawoe
Word Count: 1965
Characters: Sam, Dean, John, Bobby, Azazel, Brady
In Cold Oak, Dean held his dying brother in his arms. He screamed, he cried, and he whispered, "Please. I wish -- "
(and in the dark, something heard him -- something ancient, powerful beyond measure, and cruel)
"I wish I'd never come to get Sammy at Stanford. I wish I'd just let him live his life."
(something heard Dean, and it gave him his wish)

written for the ohsam comment-fic meme for the prompt
"Dean never went and got Sam from Stanford when John was missing. So when Jess died, Dean wasn't there, and Sam went totally John Winchester, left without a word to anyone, and would not rest until he took down Azazel..."

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