tangled skeins of cytokeratin (emmram) wrote in ohsam,
tangled skeins of cytokeratin

Forever and Always

Title: Forever and Always
Author: emmram
Words: ~1,600

This is a continuation/sequel thing to By Your Side, because people seemed interested in seeing more, and Sam and Hallucifer being messed-up BFFs has become my favourite thing to write EVER.

Summary: Sam's coping with his problem. Lucifer helps. Unfortunately, some things don't last forever.

Warnings: SPOILERS for s7 till 7.07: The Mentalists. Weirdness, metaphor-abuse, present-tense, some violence and blood. It might be helpful to read By Your Side first, but I don't think it's necessary.

( Dean's trying to understand. )
Tags: hallucinations, injury, insanity, physical assault, psychic powers

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