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Fic: I Want To Be | Gen | PG-13

Title: I Want To Be (in a world where I belong)
Author: meh_forget_it
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Gen (If you squint, you could possibly see wincesty undertones. But same goes for canon…)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Pre-series AU, hurt!Sam, over-protective!Dean, Sam has dysnomia (which basically means he has difficulty in finding the correct words, names and/or numbers from memory. He knows them, he just can’t think of them on the spot.)
Summary: Dean can understand Sammy perfectly. What he doesn’t understand is why no one else can.
Word Count: ~ 6,600 words
Authors Note: This is based on the prompt on ohsam from citizen_ephiny, which was "Sam with either aphasia or some speech impediment. He is otherwise perfectly normal, just can't communicate with any kind of ease. Bonus points if Dean is the only one who can properly understand him. Any season. Gen preferred, but Wincest is fine." Hopefully I did an alright job. Sam’s issues are partially based on my own issues, only his are much worse than mine are.
Tags: &fic challenge, .genre » gen, hugs/cuddling, insecurities, learning disorder, » fic

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