Nixxie (nblaque_impala) wrote in ohsam,

Lupo Mutaret (1/?)

Title: Lupo Mutaret
Author: nblaque_impala
Genre: Gen, hurt-comfort.
Characters: Dean, Sam, John, Bobby, Pastor Jim, various OCs.
Spoilers: Pre-Stanford, so none.
Warnings: Language and some violence.
Words: 2, 403.
Summary: A hunt gone wrong leads to consequences that none of the Winchester's ever could have predicted. All three will have to adapt in order to survive, particularly Sam. Pre-Stanford AU - Sam is seventeen, Dean is twenty-one.
A/N: - Title literally translates as 'wolf'change, which might be a slight plot hint for you! Comments are more than appreciated.
Tags: .genre » gen, blood loss, curse/spell, exhaustion, injury

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