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FIC: Pueblo - Trust

Pueblo - Trust
A time-stamp for Pueblo
Author: Trisha
Beta: lemonbook
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: pre Sam/Dean
Rating: PG - 13
Word count: 7,000 ish
Summary: A look at the boys and their world from an outsiders’ point of view.
Note: AU Season 6. The apocalypse has been averted; Lucifer is back in his cage but not without a heavy cost. Both boys are damaged and no longer able to hunt. Dean badly injured in a solo hunt gone wrong and Sam has been shattered by the memories of his time as Lucifer’s vessel and the time he spent in the cage. To protect them, from demons and hunters alike, Castiel has taken them to live amongst the pueblo dwellers of Mesa Diablo, watched over by their Shaman; Abuela Elena.
Written for mini_wrimo, spn_30snapshots, Table 4, prompt 19: Trust

Pueblo - Trust
Tags: hell/post-hell issues, psychic powers

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