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Several short stories

I submitted a h/c bingo card that was all Supernatural. Here are the hurt!Sam stories that were on it.  All are Gen unless noted, warnings are there. I do use a generous amount of the "F" word.

Title: In My Dreams
Prompt: Telepathic Trauma
Medium: meta
Characters: Sam Dean
Warning: none
Word Count: 2413
Summary: Set after Everyone Loves A Clown – Sam had always had nightmares. What no one knew was they weren't just nightmares.

Title: Stay
Prompt: Trust Issues
Medium: Meta
Characters: Sam Dean Bobby
Warning: Generous use of the “F” word
Word Count: 2495
Summary: Follows Telepathic Trauma, but can stand alone Set S2 after Everyone Loves A Clown- The boys are having a hard time letting go of their father. A long forgotten secret from the past threatens to split them up permanently

Title: Azazel’s Gang
Prompt: Skeletons In The Closet
Medium: meta
Characters: Sam Dean mention of OMC OFC and John
Warning: “F” word, brief mention of sex
Word Count: 2732
Summary: Set after Let It Bleed – Lucifer showed Sam what he called Azazel’s Gang after Sam said yes in Swan Song. Sam knew all of them, but he never knew what happened to them.

Title: The Emptiness She Left
Prompt: Depression
Medium: meta
Characters: John Dean Sam
Warning: brief thought of suicide- doesn’t happen
Word Count: 1786
Summary: November 2nd is never a good day for the Winchesters. Set preseries. Dean 17, Sam 12.

Title: Escaping Destiny
Prompt: Wild Card- Suicide
Medium: meta
Characters: Sam Dean Cass Bobby OMCs
Warning: Suicide. Graphic, brutal, but not entirely successful
Word Count: 2191
Summary: Set after Dean told Sam to pick a hemisphere and hung up on him in S5. Sam realizes that he has to stop Lucifer from taking him for a vessel. At all costs.

Title: It Never Happened
Prompt: Forced To Participate in Illegal/Hurtful Activity
Medium: meta
Characters: John, Sam, OMC Mention of Dean
Warning: (highlight to read)  non-con underage oral sex
Word Count: 1858
Summary: John is drunk, Sam has to get them both out of trouble. Sam is 14.

Title: I’ll Carry You Back
Prompt: archaic medical treatment
Medium: meta
Characters: John Dean Sam
Warning: none
Word Count: 2457
Summary: Miles out in the woods, 15 year old Sam breaks his leg. John and Dean have to get him to a hospital

Title: Why Do They All Go For Your Neck?
Prompt: Asphyxiation
Medium: meta
Characters: Sam Dean
Word Count: 1115
Warning: none
Summary: Once again, a big bad thinks Sam has a pretty neck
Tags: .genre » gen, .genre » het, depression, psychological trauma, repressed memories, self-harm, sexual abuse: non-con, suicide attempt

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