December 13th, 2018

me - philadelphia

Fic: Another Brick in the Wall (M, Sam/Dean, casefic) - (11/?)

Title: Another Brick in the Wall
Genre: S6 casefic
Characters/pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: M
Warnings: graphic violence, starvation, isolation, survival under extreme conditions

Fic summary: When Sam vanishes on a case, it feels like every nightmare Dean's had since he got his brother's soul back is coming true. Waking up buried alive doesn't exactly make it Sam's favorite day, either. Then it really starts to get weird.

Chapter summary: Dean begins his quest.
( If there was one thing Dean hated worse than pagan gods, it was the cults that worshiped them. If there was one thing he hated worse than that, it was creepy pagan cults with pretensions. )