January 16th, 2018

Fic: Awake, Arise, chapters 1-8/?

Title: Awake, Arise
Author: intrepidsilt
Rating: M
Genre/pairing: Gen, dark, angst.
Characters: Sam, Lucifer, Dean, Cas, Crowley, Abaddon, and others.
Word count: 14k and still no end in sight...
Summary: "To call this nightmare familiar would be understatement, but long experience did nothing to blunt the edges of his fear, and everything to make the anticipation choke him. So when a figure appeared in the corner of his vision, he swallowed and shut his eyes."
In the wake of Kevin's death and Dean's Mark, Sam faces the resurgence of an old problem. Namely, Lucifer.
Warnings: Set in s9 and focuses on Sam and Lucifer, with all the nasty stuff that implies. Specifically, graphic torture and injury, implied/referenced rape, threats of sexual violence, PTSD, lots of non-con possession talk.

Author's Note: I was going to complete this before posting here, but it's becoming a lot longer than I thought. So now I'm awkwardly posting while I'm in the middle because I am impatient and I love this comm :)