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i can see inside you
the fever called living
November 2nd, 2016 
It's November 2, an auspicious (if ominous) day for our darling Sam, so to herald his introduction to The Red Stuff, let's revisit an annual tradition. Welcome to the OhSam Triple Play 2016! This year, we're offering a focus on a reoccurring theme in Sam's life: blood.

"Blood" could be interpreted in many ways. Family don't end with blood. The demon blood addiction. Injury. Familial woes. Blood magicks. Simply the color red. If it can be related to blood, even vaguely? IT'S ON POINT.



Masterlist of fillsCollapse )
06:48 pm - The Cold
Title: The Cold
Author: lennelle
Summary: A man is cheated by John Winchester and he decides to take what he's owed.
Word Count: 3,571
Author's Note: Part of the Sam-centric reader's prompt series. Thank you to winchesterpooja for helping with medical facts. Warnings for a dark and bloody fic.

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