February 1st, 2012

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No Burden is He to Bear

Title: No Burden is He to Bear
Author: tmn1966
Genre: Gen
Characters: Sam, Dean
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,748
Warnings/Spoilers: Up through and including 2.18 (Hollywood Babylon)
Summary: For the ohsam fic challenge and from the prompt by romantiscue: After Jess/Madison/John's death, Sam has a bad case of self-induced insomnia. (Full prompt here.)

A/N: Thank you to sandymg for always being encouraging and taking the time out of her busy schedule for the beta and suggestions. Thanks also to Supernatural Wiki, which is an awesome research tool.
A Monster By Any Other Name

Podfic: "A Monster By Any Other Name, Part Two, Chapters One, Two And Three"

Name: A Monster By Any Other Name Part Two, Chapters One, Two & Three
Authors: brosedshield and lavinialavender
Reader: alice_alaizabel
Warnings: Full list here
Length: 1:03:35 & 1:02:36 & 53:01
Pairing: Sam/Dean (but not Wincest: AU where they're not brothers)
Summary: The same old Sam and Dean love story with a darkfic twist. Sam grew up in a concentration for monsters, Dean was raised an only child: together, they make each other human. // Sam was prepared for anything Dean wanted him to do – except become a real.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

plague mask

Challenge fic: Vez Tanta Luz Que no Cabe en el Aire, Sam, PG13

Title: Vez Tanta Luz Que no Cabe en el Aire
Rating: PG (language)
Genre: Gen
Characters: Sam, OCs
Word count: 2800+
Summary: For the oh_Sam fic Challenge, for this prompt by wildcatprincess: Sam wakes up surrounded by doctors who tell him that he has been in a medical experiment since birth and that his entire life has been a dream.
Spoilers: No specific spoilers
Warnings: Language
Disclaimer: Not mine
Note: This fic is wildly different than what a person would probably expect from looking at the prompt. It certainly wasn't what I expected it to be at all. Also the medical experiment part kind of didn't happen. Argh.

Fic challenge: 24 hours and change!

Okay everyone! Tomorrow at midnight is your last chance to post your stories for the current fic challenge.

Some of you might be thinking along these lines:

"Oh my God, ratherastory, I am nowhere near done! This story was supposed to be 2k and it's turning into a multi-chaptered monster of an epic! Aaah!"

DO NOT PANIC. Be sure to have your towel handy, and all will be well.

This is a laid-back challenge. If your story is not complete, that's okay. Just finish writing it and when it's done, post it to the comm using the &amnesty tag. It won't be in the challenge's Master List, but we still want to read it!

I am leaving for the weekend on Friday morning, but I will try to have the Master List completed and posted in one week's time.


Stories need to be complete in order to count for the challenge. No WIPs, please. Please use the &fic_challenge tag when posting, to make my life easier when I compile the Master List. Stories must be a minimum of 2,000 words in order to count. And also, please use appropriate warnings for your stories, so that ohsam can remain a happy, safe place for everyone to come and whump Sam in creative ways. :)

Happy writing!
[Wrestling] hot body

Web Of Deception 9/?

Title: Web Of Deception 9/?
Author: [info]cherry916 
Beta: [info]mylifewithin
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sam and Dean are still at odds right after their father’s death. Nothing seems to be working and soon enough they both just seem to give up with trying. When they go to do a simple salt and burn the initial hunt seems to spiral into more than they ever imagined. Who is killing all these people? Who is this weird new hunter with a fixation on Dean? And how come after they did the initial salt and burn their problems only get worse?
A/N: This is a little something I've been working on for awhile. I hope this will get me back into writing chapter stories for SPN since it's been so long since I did so. I really hope you like it and continue reading it. The banner was made by the awesome [info]moviegeek03 isn't it just...fitting? lol I love it thank you BB.

Link to previous chapters