January 28th, 2012


Fic: A Friend Given by Nature

Title: A Friend Given by Nature
Rating: I would say PG-13. Nothing too bad except some language (bad boys!)
Warnings: um, bad language, a few F-Bombs.
Spoilers: If you know who Adam is then you're good.
Summary: written for a prompt by captclooless at the ohsam fic challenge: Adam's mom is killed (by MoTW?), and the only contactable family number is Sam. First shocked, but accepting, Sam takes on the role as older brother and caretaker with pride and worms his way into Kid!Adam's heart. But going to school, to work, and making enough money to support two people is hard to do and after a while, he works himself into a fever big enough to warrant a hospital visit. Click here for full prompt.

A Friend Given by Nature

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