January 23rd, 2012

tom hardy

fic: I Caught A Chill

title: I Caught A Chill (And It's Still Frozen On My Skin)
rating: PG-13
beta: [info]ace_p (any remaining mistakes are my own!)
characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, bobby, OMC, OFC, Lucifer
words: 9,600
genre: gen

summary: Sam's doesn't like the way Dean looks at him, like he's some sort of burden. All of that on top of being confused by what's real and what isn't leads to him desperately seeking help elsewhere. He runs away and checks himself into a mental hospital, ending up on even more of a downward spiral. Will Dean find him before it's too late?

notes/spoilers: takes place during "7.03" so spoilers for the beginning of that episode and general s7 spoilers. Written for [info]ohsam's fic challenge based on this prompt by [info]hellunbounded. Title is from "Breaking Inside" by Shinedown.

I Caught A Chill
The Year

While My Heart Recovers, Yours Goes On

Fic title: While My Heart Recovers, Yours Goes On
Author name:  smalltrolven
Genre: Unrequited Wincest, H/C
Pairing: Sam/Dean UST

Rating:  PG

Word count:  7,600

Characters: Sam, Dean
Warnings: Set immediately following “” episode 7.03 “Girl Next Door”, angst and UST in equal measures.
Summary:  Sam does a spell to get rid of his unwanted attraction for his brother, but as his attraction leaves him, the feelings enter Dean and are added to what he already feels for Sam. This leaves Sam with literal heartache and a whole lot of explaining to do.

Authors Note: Done for a prompt in the OhSam Sam-Centric H/C Fic Challenge by  :“Sam does a spell to get rid of his unwanted attraction for his brother, but as the attraction leaves him, they enter Dean. And in the process, leave Sam with random bouts of literal heartache. Bonus points if the Wincest stays unrequited (as that's kind of the point, and because I'm a complete angst junkie) and if you have Dean freaking out about his developing attraction to his baby brother.”   Think I covered most of the points in the story, hope you like it romantiscue!

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SPN - Blood

Fic: run

Title: run
Author: vail_kagami
Characters: Sam (Dean)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: very abstract, weird spacing, insanity (?)
Spoilers: Up to 7.11
Words: 2056
Summary: He has to find Dean.
Note: Written for a prompt by rainylemons at the most recent ohsam commentfic-meme.

The silence has swallowed every sound but his heart that hurts him with every step. Like a knife stabbing his insides in a perfectly healthy rhythm.