January 20th, 2012

  • emmram


Title: Split
Author: emmram
Words: ~1,200

This was written for rokhal's prompt in the latest sharp_teeth comment-fic meme: "If Sam hallucinates being possessed, then for all practical purposes, he actually is possessed. Just a little more difficult to trap or exorcise."

... I ended up doing weird things with it.

Warnings: SPOILERS for s7 in general, violence, blood and gore, insanity, weirdness, metaphor-abuse, present-tense.

( Look, Sammy, it says. Look at what you are now. )
SPN - Blood

And this Great Blue World of Ours | Part 2, Chapter 1

Title: And this Great Blue World of Ours (2.01)
Author: vail_kagami
Beta: minviendha
Characters (overall): Dean, Castiel, Sam, plus a number of angels and demons
Rating (overall): NC-17
Warnings (overall): violence, torture, drug use, insanity, mentions of rape
Spoilers: Going AU during episode 5.18: Point of No Return. No spoilers for season six.
Words (this chapter): 9,320
Summary: A man wakes up in a ruined wasteland, without memories, without a name, without knowing the strange guy who claims he used to be an angel, or that he once had a little brother. All he knows is that the world is dying, everyone is lying to him and that somehow, somewhere, something went terribly wrong. Because someone said Yes when they should have said No, and someone else paid the price.
Note: My thanks to all who stuck with this through the hiatus! I will now go back to posting every other Friday.


"What the Hell is going on here?"

Fic posted at Dreamwidth due to length. Comment anywhere you like.