January 1st, 2012

I Am Human 1

Several short stories

I submitted a h/c bingo card that was all Supernatural. Here are the hurt!Sam stories that were on it.  All are Gen unless noted, warnings are there. I do use a generous amount of the "F" word.

Title: In My Dreams
Prompt: Telepathic Trauma
Medium: meta
Characters: Sam Dean
Warning: none
Word Count: 2413
Summary: Set after Everyone Loves A Clown – Sam had always had nightmares. What no one knew was they weren't just nightmares.

Title: Stay
Prompt: Trust Issues
Medium: Meta
Characters: Sam Dean Bobby
Warning: Generous use of the “F” word
Word Count: 2495
Summary: Follows Telepathic Trauma, but can stand alone Set S2 after Everyone Loves A Clown- The boys are having a hard time letting go of their father. A long forgotten secret from the past threatens to split them up permanently

Title: Azazel’s Gang
Prompt: Skeletons In The Closet
Medium: meta
Characters: Sam Dean mention of OMC OFC and John
Warning: “F” word, brief mention of sex
Word Count: 2732
Summary: Set after Let It Bleed – Lucifer showed Sam what he called Azazel’s Gang after Sam said yes in Swan Song. Sam knew all of them, but he never knew what happened to them.

Title: The Emptiness She Left
Prompt: Depression
Medium: meta
Characters: John Dean Sam
Warning: brief thought of suicide- doesn’t happen
Word Count: 1786
Summary: November 2nd is never a good day for the Winchesters. Set preseries. Dean 17, Sam 12.

Title: Escaping Destiny
Prompt: Wild Card- Suicide
Medium: meta
Characters: Sam Dean Cass Bobby OMCs
Warning: Suicide. Graphic, brutal, but not entirely successful
Word Count: 2191
Summary: Set after Dean told Sam to pick a hemisphere and hung up on him in S5. Sam realizes that he has to stop Lucifer from taking him for a vessel. At all costs.

Title: It Never Happened
Prompt: Forced To Participate in Illegal/Hurtful Activity
Medium: meta
Characters: John, Sam, OMC Mention of Dean
Warning: (highlight to read)  non-con underage oral sex
Word Count: 1858
Summary: John is drunk, Sam has to get them both out of trouble. Sam is 14.

Title: I’ll Carry You Back
Prompt: archaic medical treatment
Medium: meta
Characters: John Dean Sam
Warning: none
Word Count: 2457
Summary: Miles out in the woods, 15 year old Sam breaks his leg. John and Dean have to get him to a hospital

Title: Why Do They All Go For Your Neck?
Prompt: Asphyxiation
Medium: meta
Characters: Sam Dean
Word Count: 1115
Warning: none
Summary: Once again, a big bad thinks Sam has a pretty neck

comment fic meme!

Time for a new comment fic meme! Please read the rules as there have been some adjustments due to the recent comment page changes.


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Gastroenteritis by saltfuture
Sam/Dean or gen, any season, Sam has stomach flu, all the nasty symptoms and Dean is just awesome.

Numb by farfadine
Sam/Dean or gen. A sort of mundane nervous breakdown. Sam has been in awesome!Sam coping mode and suddenly he's just . . . not. But it's not, like, waving a gun around psychotic break. I more have a vision of Sam off doing something ordinary, jogging, an errand, and he just stops. Sitting down on the curb or in the aisle at Walmart or something. And someone gets his phone and calls the first number and Dean has to come and get him.

Everything Flows, Nothing Remains by minviendha
S7: Dean's dead! Oh wait, no, sorry! It was all a terrible misunderstanding. Everything's fine, Sam. ...Sam?

Weaker by monicawoe
Season 5 AU. The continuous influx of demon blood into his system completely unlocks Sam's full psychic potential, and his powers basically explode - visions, telekinesis, Andy's mind-control thing, demon manipulation (controlling and destroying). Getting them under control is not fun, especially after he and Dean go their seperate ways.

There is No Spoon by monicawoe
Season 7, post The Mentalists. Um, what was up with Sam's bent spoon? No, really. Who did that? Subconscious telekinesis is all it takes to turn hallucination into reality.

Make Me Strong Like You by hillz_85
Sam is acting like everything is fine, that he’s not falling apart at the seams because he needs to look out for Dean who is also falling apart... Dean doesn’t notice how bad things have gotten for his brother and his new coping mechanisms until they are pointed out to him... [author's summary]

Bad Days by ladybastet92
Sam/Cas (set anytime where Cas is Cas) Sam is sick. Dean’s out doing important things, Cas shows up, Sam has to explain why he’s sleeping in the middle of the day. Cas decides he would like to take a nap as well. Sassy cuddles!

Miscalculation by si_star_x
Slash. Sam gets some nasty cuts on his face. Dean cleans them. Gentle kissing happens.

By Your Side by emmram
For some reason Sam get his psychic powers back...but rather than Sam controlling them, Lucifer seems to be able to.

Untitled by anonymous
Pre-series. Sam dealing with the aftermath of rape. Speak-esque, preferably with no graphic depiction of the act.

Out of Nothing at All by sakura_no_mi
Sam/Dean or gen. Season seven - There are some days Sam doesn't get out of bed at all. Dean's understanding.

If it Wasn't for Bad Luck by mamapranayama
Sam gets a minor injury- a book falls on his head or he breaks his pinky or something, lol. Dean fusses over him, and discovers Sam is running a fever.

Visit by saltfuture
Stanford era. Dean visits Sam and finds him sick in bed in his dorm room.

Sleepless by anonymous
Gen or slash, S1 or 2. Sam develops really bad insomnia. Really really realllllllly bad. The sleep deprivation is interfering with hunting and he's all cranky and life just generally sucks but he just can't sleep much. So Sam's exhausted beyond all belief, and Dean is so worried about him. He tries everything he can think of to help and none of it works. But eventually Dean stumbles upon one thing that's actually effective. Bonus points if it's something really small and schmoopy, like stroking Sam's hair while he's lying in bed.

Trust in Me and You'll Trust in Yourself by hillz_85
After Dean and Sam separate season 5, Sam stops talking. Even if he wants to, he has somehow lost the ability to talk [...] When Dean meets up with him again, he's of course shocked at this new development. Whether Sam starts talking again eventually is up to you, but I'd love to see Dean coax him out of his mental shell in little, big-brotherly ways.

Untitled by checkthemargins
Sam gets hit with a sleeping curse (it can last for however long you want). After awhile Dean starts waking him up to get him to eat and stuff. Sam is sleepy and adorable and maybe cranky some of the times he's woken up. [WIP]

Life Goes On by ravelqueen
A super wincesty one: Dean breaks off the sexual aspect of their relationship for a bunch of surely very good reasons, but Sam is pretty sure it's because he doesn't like the idea of Sam hallucinating while they're in bed. Or because Sam is all tainted with demon blood. Or because Sam isn't Lisa. Or because he just doesn't want him anymore. His train of thought doesn't go uphill from there. Big misunderstandings and relationship angst ahoy! My unrequited love kink rears its ugly head. [WIP]

It Happened Like This by monicawoe
Dean never went and got Sam from Stanford when John was missing. So when Jess died, Dean wasn't there, and Sam went totally John Winchester, left without a word to anyone, and would not rest until he took down Azazel [...] all I'm looking for is the last scene when Sam finally gets his revenge and maybe John and Dean are there and now that Sam's work his done he breaks into a billion pieces and there is withdrawal and severe psychic pains and screaming and Sam hating himself for what he's become but kind of unapologetic for killing the thing that killed his girl.

Falls the Shadow by inheritedjeans
Gen. Post AHBL part one and AU from there. Sam wakes up on that dirty mattress after Cold Oak with all of his memories of dying and going to heaven intact in his head (maybe he was reuinted with Jess or finally got to meet Mary and was just starting to enjoy having a mom) and he's resentful towards Dean for bringing him back to life and taking him from the peace he finally had and he's almost desperate to go back.

Singin' in the Rain by center_galaxy
Dean doesn't know what to do about the whole broken wall, psychotic break, hallucinating Lucifer thing. Then Sam gets caught in the rain and gets pneumonia. And Dean DOES know what to do about that. Not like he's glad that Sam's sick, but it's just a relief to have something wrong with Sam he can help with. And, since he's there at close quarters taking care of Sam, Sam has his opportunity, too: to broach the subject of Dean's drinking, to try to get him to talk about his despair and his downward spiral. Basically, the manageable hurt/comfort routine goes on while Sam and Dean are tentatively touching on the big, huge hurt-don't-know-how-to-comfort stuff.

Ticking Time Bomb by center_galaxy
Sam finds out he has an aneurysm in his brain. It could be life-threatening, but for the moment it is stable and the doctors schedule him for a surgery to repair it, but it is weeks away. Dean freaks out by overprotecting Sam and doing anything he can keep his brain from 'exploding' in the mean time. He practically drives Sam insane when he won't let him run, do any physical exercise, or even go to the bathroom with the door locked. Dean mother-hen's him to the point where he can't stand it anymore and Sam takes off for a walk ... of course, now that he is alone and separated from Dean, this is when his brain decides it's time to explode.

The Apple Falls from the Tree by center_galaxy
He's been in the business a long time and most of that time he knew John Winchester but never really got to know his kids before, so going on a hunt with them is interesting to say the least. Watching Dean and Sam, how in tandem they are, how much they're like John in different ways. One things for sure though, Dean sure can be one scary mother fucker when Sam is threatened.

Fighting Spirit by center_galaxy
Dean gets his shit together in the drinking department. It was hard HARD work (either on his own--maybe something really traumatic happened that compelled this new lust for a dry life--or via ye olde Twelve-Step program.) And sure, there are painful desires to backslide but dammit, he's got this. And he's had to do it alone because he can't use anything, anyone as a crutch or an excuse any longer. Upon returning to "life", he discovers Sam has drifted into his own addiction (due to the hallucinations or genetics or hey, it's Tuesday or...yeah. Author's choice!) Now Dean has to get through to Sam and save him from himself, without losing his own hard-won sobriety.

Fic: Carrion Men

Title: Carrion Men
Author: mamapranayama
Rating: R (some swearing and gore)
Word Count: ~7800
Genre: Gen
Category: Hurt/comfort, limp!sam
Summary: The worst thing of all was not being able to fight back.
Set somewhere in season 7 between ‘The Girl Next Door’ and ‘Defending Your Life’

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