April 26th, 2011


SPN original song: "Some Greater Good" (Sam pov, G, Gen)

title: "Some Greater Good"
author/songwriter: [info]fannishliss 
rating: G
Spoilers: none
pairing: none, Gen
genre: hard rock
length:  2:55

Summary: This is an original song.  Sam gives vent to his angst about his destiny and life as a Hunter.  The chorus is based on Sam's speech at the end of Houses of the Holy. I hope this song will help you all celebrate Sam Week!

Disclaimer: the character of Sam Winchester belongs to the CW.  Quotations from Supernatural are used in this song.  The song is a creative fanwork and no money is being made from it. 

( download link at my LJ )  --If you download, comments are gratefully appreciated. Concrit is always welcome.