April 9th, 2011


Locus Standi

Title: Locus Standi
Author: harrigan
Characters: Sam, Jess
Genre/pairing: het
Rating: PG-13/teen
Word-count: @ 9-10K
Spoilers: set pre-series, Stanford-era, as requested in prompt
Warnings: none
Summary: Latin for the idiom "a leg to stand on". Legal meaning: "the right to appear in court and argue a case".
Prompt: "Stanford-era. Say Sam's got a trick knee from the hunting life -- usually it's okay, but once in a while it hurts enough that he favors it noticeably. Say he does something to re-injure this knee, maybe something heroic, maybe not. Say he's so used to treating his own injuries that he brushes off Jess' pleas to visit a doctor and wraps it and ices it by himself, like he's always done. Say the injury was far more serious than he realized, and it just keeps on getting worse -- cue Jess getting kind of frantic and begging him to go to a doctor. Say the doctor has some bad news..." Prompt posted by roque_clasique at the ohsam 2011 h/c challenge in honor of their first anniversary here.
beta: *hugs* to geminigrl11

orthopedic trauma this way...