April 5th, 2011

The Prophet Looked and He Laughed at Me

Title: The Prophet Looked and He Laughed at Me
Author: Menthol Pixie
Rating: PG13
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Characters:  Sam and Dean
Word count: 2297
Summary: It starts with music and goes downhill from there. There's something
wrong in Sam's head.

Disclaimer: I only wish I owned these characters.
A/N: I really hope I'm doing this right. I'm new to LJ and this is my first time trying to post fic to a community. Many apologies if I screw this up!


[Fic] Sweet Child of Mine 5/?

Title: Sweet Child of Mine 5/?

Author: tornknees

Pairings/Characters: Genfic. Bobby Singer, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John, Death(brief appearance), OCs

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1,912

Warnings: Abuse of a small child (5-6 years old), language, character death (no one major and mostly off screen) More warning will be added when appropriate

Summary: Bobby didn’t always agree with John’s parenting, didn’t trust that the way those boys were raised wouldn’t ruin them, but he did always make sure they were safe. Bobby couldn’t even manage to do that much.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I make no money. It all belongs to Kripke. I just borrow.

Chapter Four

curve dragon

Surcease From Pain--PG-13

Title: Surcease From Pain
Author:  brosedshield
Disclaimer: If anyone owns anything in this relationship, Supernatural owns my heart. And won't give it back. And won't pay me for it.
Sam, Dean, Lucifer, Death
sensory deprivation and references to torture
Word count:
AU starting from S6.11: there is no Wall and this is not your canon Cage
Sam is, in the end, just a little soul, and for him it's just blackness.
Beta Thanks: Yay [info]lavinialavender ! (and [info]whereupon for reading). But I refuse to give them credit for remaining grammar mistakes. Those are MINE.
Author notes:
I wrote this for no greater reason than, when browsing the ohsam tags, I got really sad that "touch starvation" had never been used (i wanted to read that fic!) so I wrote it myself. If I keep not wanting to edit Freak Camp I may tackle "strangulation/hanging" next...

Sam felt it when his body went. At first he was just grateful.