tangled skeins of cytokeratin (emmram) wrote in ohsam,
tangled skeins of cytokeratin

Wall!fic and Shapeshifters

Okay, so I thought of this while (attempting) working on a fic that involves shapeshifters and much Sam!whump.

We know from 1.06: Skin that shapeshifters can absorb the memories of the person they turn into - the joys, the sorrows, the little resentments, everything. So - what would happen if a shapeshifter attempted shifting into Resouled!Sam? I would imagine the 'shifter wouldn't have the luxury of Sam's Wall, so there's nothing to hold back a century or more of Hell. Would it break this 'shifter? Would it be reduced to a gibbering mess? Or worse?

And to up the sadism fun, you can even have Dean think that it's the actual Sam breaking down, and have him freak out. Also, Sam will have a live demonstration of what exactly is in store for him once the Wall breaks. And the thing even wears his face! Traumatic? I would think so.
Tags: hell/post-hell issues, the great wall of sam, » adopt a plot bunny

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