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fic: Half Sick of Shadows

Title: Half Sick of Shadows
Author: minviendha
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 3341
Summary: Are you sure?
Notes: I love the sharp_teeth comment-fic meme. I really do. And god did I have too much fun with this one.
Prompt: From sharp_teeth: Season 6-ish. Lucifer taught Gabriel everything he knows. In the box, Sam is forced to live out all the AUs and what ifs of his life. What happens when you can no longer determine what of your memories and what of your current reality is actually real?

(No, he thinks. No. This didn’t happen. He takes a deep breath.

A softer voice, friendly, almost gentle, murmurs, Are you sure?)
Tags: .genre » gen, death, hallucinations, hell/post-hell issues, suicide, » fic

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