tornknees (tornknees) wrote in ohsam,

[fic] Sweet Child of Mine 4/?

Title: Sweet Child of Mine 4/?
Author: tornknees 
Pairings/Characters: Genfic. Bobby Singer, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John, Death(brief appearance), OCs
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5, 440
Warnings: Abuse of a small child (5-6 years old), language, character death (no one major and mostly off screen) More warning will be added when appropriate

Summary: Bobby didn’t always agree with John’s parenting, didn’t trust that the way those boys were raised wouldn’t ruin them, but he did always make sure they were safe. Bobby couldn’t even manage to do that much.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I make no money. It all belongs to Kripke. I just borrow.

Chapter 4

Tags: .genre » gen, bed sharing, bullying, hugs/cuddling, injury, » fic

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