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how to tag your posts

This community has a stringent tagging requirement. Which means you will feel our modly wrath if you fail to obey these rules... just kidding. But it would be nice if everyone tried to tag their fics to the best of their ability so all your wonderful stories are easily accessible and don't end up floating unmoored in the bowels of this community. Because that would be sad.

We've borrowed our tagging system from hoodie_time, which means tag names concern whatever type of torture you're subjecting Sam to in your fic - in other words, tags are named by ailment/malady/injury. Since tags don't show up in the sidebar unless they've been used once, you're going to want to go over here and check out the full list.


1. Go through the tag list.
2. If you can't find what you're looking for, double-check: would the tags "supernatural illness" or "supernatural injury" work? If not, go for something less specific - for example, instead of looking for Alzheimer's, use dementia, instead of ADD or ADHD use behavioral disorder and instead of dyslexia use learning disorder. If you want to keep Sam's injury/illness a surprise, we have an "undisclosed" tag. If there's still a tag that you're in need of, drop us a line on this post, contact a mod or e-mail us at oh-sam [at] hotmail [dot] com.
3. Hit post!

Using more than one tag is perfectly fine and encouraged, but you don't have to tag for every single thing Sam's going through either. If you need another pairing tag, again, just ask. If you would like tags for specific injuries - like bullet wound, please don't hesitate to ask. We're an easy going place and I would love to add tags for you.
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