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November 2nd Comment Meme 2019!

Another year, another November. Once again, it’s time for our annual November 2nd comment meme!

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In honor of the final season of Supernatural, the theme for this meme is “firsts and lasts”.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Leave a comment with a prompt. As always, since we are a Sam-focused hurt/comfort community, Sam should be the primary recipient of any of the hurt and/or comfort. Prompts can involve Sam being sick, hurt, angsty, or any other scenario that involves him in a hurt/comfort type of position. (Other characters can be hurt if you wish, but Sam is a requirement.)

To fit the theme of the meme (see what I did there?), the prompt should either be a “first” or a “last” -- such as, “Last thing Sam notices before losing consciousness”, or “Last time Sam eats gas mart sushi”, or “Sam’s last words to Dean”, but could also be something like “Sam’s first encounter with a ghost”, or “Sam’s first broken bone”, or “First time Sam hunts solo”.

Step 2: Make all the things! Prompts can be filled as soon as you have a fic or art to fill them!

Step 3: Post it here! Post as a comment to the prompt, or post a link directed to the fanwork you have created to fill the prompt.

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A Separate Peace (Sam/Lucifer, Sam/Dean, 2.7k, M)

Title: A Separate Peace
Author: road_rhythm
Pairing: Sam/Lucifer (implied), Sam/Dean
Rating: M
Word count: 2,700
Set: S7

Summary: The Devil wants to have a dialogue. Sam's just trying to buy a fucking soda. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

( Sam is six. )
fm tara candle 'nebula'

Fic: 6 Times Dean Propped Sam Up (and 1 Time Sam Propped Dean Up) (Gen, ~3k)

Title: 6 Times Dean Propped Sam Up (and 1 Time Sam Propped Dean Up)
Author: authoressnebula (authoressjean)
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Chapter: 1/1
Word Count: 2,922
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: Pre-series to early season 14.

Summary: Dean learned how to take care of his sick little brother when he was very young, and it's not something he's ever forgotten. It's not something Sam's ever forgotten, either.

Read Here: Sammy cries and won’t settle because he’s sick. Dean didn’t think babies even got colds but he probably got it from Dean, and that’s worse, because Dean wouldn’t have gone off to play with Jimmy if he’d known he’d get sick and give it to Sammy.
fm tara candle 'nebula'

Fic: Misconception (Gen, 15k)

Title: Misconception
Author: authoressnebula (authoressjean)
Pairing: Gen, John/Mary
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 15k
Warnings: Language, canon-level violence, homophobia, character outed without permission
Spoilers: 14x13: Lebanon

Summary: AU of 14x13. John believes something about his sons and he's determined to set all the blame at his youngest's feet, revealing painful secrets that Sam would've preferred to stay hidden, things he feared anyone finding out, things John feels are wrong.

Too bad for John that Mary and Dean don't feel the same way and are more than ready to back Sam.

NOT WINCEST in the SLIGHTEST, but John sure thinks so.

Read Here: "Hey Dad? Why did you block my number on Dean's phone?"

FIC: Frightening Faces

Title: Frightening Faces
Author: holyhelly (MoonlightTaylor on ao3)
Characters: Sam, Azazel, John, Bobby, Dean (mostly offscreen)
Word Count: 8180
Warnings:language, canon-level violence

Summary: Everyone seems to have plans for Sam. He's supposed to be a hunter, a witch or the leader to a demon army. Sam just wants safety and a white picket fence. When he's kidnapped by witches who want to use his powers he starts to realise he might not have that choice. To get back to his family, Sam is forced down a path paved with good intentions. Destination? Hell.
It takes a while, but he decides that if he's going down there anyway, it might as well be on his own terms.

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The Operative Word (Sam/Dean, 33k, E)

Title: The Operative Word
Author: road_rhythm
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: E
Word count: 33.8k
Set: post-S15

Summary: The procedure to break a succubus curse is not overly specific: it requires another person and an orgasm.

No problem, Sam thinks.

( The lili is in Easton, Missouri. It's racked up a kill count of four: three men, one woman, all perplexing the ME with death by hyperthermia in the middle of spring. )

Fic: Heart, Throat

Genre: gen; angst, drama, hurt/comfort; pre-series
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~6400
Characters: Sam, Dean, John
Warnings: language, mentions of canon-level gore

Summary: For the prompt, Lightning storm. In which Sam Winchester would rather not be there; in which Sam Winchester may or may not be the reason they're there at all. 1998 and a case that never quite resolves.

Read Here
Blue pentagram

Fic: When the New York Times said "God is dead and the war's begun" (a coda for 14.20, "Moriah")

When the New York Times said "God is dead and the war's begun"

Genre: Gen, angst, hurt!Sam
Length: ~10K
Rating: R for language and a bit of violence (and let's face it, lots of blasphemy)
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Gabriel
Spoilers: Through 14.20
Synopsis: Another coda for 14.20, "Moriah." Follows immediately after "It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah." Sam shot God. God is pissed. And He's going to do something about it.