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Five-year Anniversary Fanworks Challenge!

Dear ohsam members,

Today is our FIVE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. We went from a teeny fledgling community to one that’s over 1,000 members strong! It’s incredible, is what it is, and it’s all thanks to you!

In order to celebrate, we are having a fanworks challenge! Remember those? Well, technically they used to be fic-only challenges, but we are forever seeking to broaden our horizons here at ohsam, am I right?

Help spread the word!

Many thanks to quickreaver for the wonderful banner! Please feel free to copy/paste the code in the little box in order to help spread the word!

Here's how the challenge works.


From Today until Sunday, March 1st, we are opening up a prompting post to all comers. You may post up to a maximum of five prompts total for art and fic.

From March 2nd to the 6th, we will open the first round of claims. Each participant may claim one prompt (only one claim per prompt, so you'll have to be quick!) at that time.

From March 6th onward we will open a second round of claiming, in which participants can claim as many prompts as their hearts desire (still only one claim per prompt!). There will be no final claiming deadline, but please be realistic about your claim. If you claim something three days before the deadline, please be absolutely sure you can complete it on time!

Posting is any time between the moment a writer claims a prompt and the fic challenge deadline of May 15th.

And here are some basic rules to help you along.

01.This is a Sam-focused hurt-comfort fic challenge, so Sam should be the one in the hurt/comforted role. Your prompts/fics may involve sick!Sam, hurt!Sam, angsty!Sam or anything else that results in Sam being on the receiving end of hurt/comfort. If you decide to whump other characters along the way, that is a bonus and no one will complain (or if they do, they’re wrong), but Sam should be the focus of the h/c.

02. · Stories should be at least 2,000 words.

· Artwork must be at least one "large" finished piece (a coloured sketch, b&w grayscale, or a banner). Series of icons are also accepted, but there must be a minimum of 10.

· Podfics must be of works 2,000 words in length or more.

· Fanmixes must be at least 10 songs in length and include cover art.

03. No WIPs, sorry. Stories should be complete and posted to the community all at once (with links to all chapters included in the same post, to avoid overwhelming the comm.) If you decide to make sequels, that is awesome. If your story is a sequel to a pre-existing fic (it does happen) then it MUST stand on its own. Feel free to ping one of the mods if you have questions about this.

Art must be complete, i.e., not in draft form. The same goes for podfic and fanmixes.

04. This isn’t required, but betas are awesome! Please consider asking someone to beta your story. I have never once regretted it. :)

05. When creating your fawner, please respect the prompted details - genre/pairing, category, (ie: pre-series) etc. Moreover, please pay attention to any major squicks/dislikes your prompter may specify: if they’ve bothered to mention it, it means it’s important. Again, your mods are available for any questions or concerns you may have.

07. The regular posting guidelines we use at this community apply to this challenge. In addition, please put these two things somewhere in your header when posting your challenge fanwork to the comm:
· Created for the Sam-focused hurt/comfort fic challenge.
· Prompt: Whatever your prompt happens to be.
Note: If your prompt is very long, you may want to shorten it for posting purposes, or just link to the original prompt.

08. Please use this tag when posting your challenge fanwork to the comm, so as to help your beloved mods when they’re compiling the master list at the end of the challenge: &fanworks challenge

If you don’t know how to tag your posts, go here.

09. Please post your fanwork or a link to it to ohsam before you post it to other communities.

10. If you're not going to be able to get your fanwork in by the deadline:

· Please contact a mod ASAP. This isn’t an exchange, so if you don’t end up completing your work it isn’t as big of a deal as it might otherwise be, but we’d still like to know. That way we can either give you an extension, or else put the prompt back into circulation.

· If you end up posting far past the posting deadline, that’s okay too! Please use our &amnesty tag if you're posting after the deadline.

11.If you'd like to promote this, just copy and paste the code in the text box into your journal!

Feel free to comment to this post with any questions you may have about the challenge, or contact one of the mods privately.

NOTE: This is not the prompting post. We are keeping the rules & timeline separate so that people can ask questions or raise concerns without them getting lost in the shuffle.

Link to the prompting post is here.
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