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Alright, everyone, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day! You know what this means? It’s the perfect opportunity to show our love for our favorite Winchester by doing what we do best – hurting him, maiming him, making him sick, putting him through emotional torture. Y’know, the usual.

Welcome to ohsam’s “You Only Hurt the One You Love” meme!



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Big sister
CHAPTER SEVEN: Sam and Cas learn they are not broken, Dean concedes a point, and Sam finds himself too big for his bed.

A Quantum of Solace by Celesma
Relationships: Castiel/Sam Winchester
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, OFC
Additional Tags: Season/Series 05, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt Sam, Fluff and Crack, Tiny!Sam, Shrinking, Case Fic, Dean Hates Witches, Team Free Will, Humor, Seasonal, Protective Dean, Protective Castiel, Angst, Violence, Angel Wings, BAMF Castiel, BAMF Sam, Reapers, Castiel & Sam Winchester Bonding
Summary: When Sam is injured from a witch’s shrinking spell, he learns where he and Castiel really stand. Unrepentant fluff.
22nd-Apr-2016 08:42 pm - Sam I Am
Title: Sam I Am
Author: Lennelle
Summary: 'Dean sat, staring at his little brother sleeping on Bobby's couch. Sam had been gone for two years, taken when he was only fifteen. They'd all changed, but Sam was different.'
Word Count: 84,369
Author's Note: This is a fic that I completed a few months ago on ff.net. I plan to post all the chapters here one day along with all my other fics. This is my pride and joy, I suppose, it's the longest spn fic I've ever written and it's even grown into a 'verse with a timestamp and a sequel-in-progress.

For now, it's only available on FF.net
22nd-Apr-2016 11:20 am - Fic: Heal This

Title: Heal This
Characters: Sam, Dean
Genre: injured prose?, h/c
Spoilers,Warnings:  11x17, Red Meat, Heart; bullet wounds & other injuries; Wincesty
Prompt: “…a penknife, some dental floss, a sewing needle, and a fifth of whiskey.”--Changing Channels
Words: 200
Summary: what a wound looks like

Written for the spnapo "We've Got Words to Do" Challenge.

Title: we two alone will sing like birds i' th' cage
Author: de_nugis
Rating: NC-17
Pairings and Kinks/Warnings: flashback Lucifer/Sam (noncon, graphic torture, extreme pain kink, Stockholm Syndrome); Sam/Cas (dubcon, pain kink, soulfisting, D/s themes).
Wordcount: c2450
Summary: Sam and Cas have sex post Casifer. It's a spectacularly bad idea.
A/N: written for salt_burn_porn for anactoria's prompt it looks better on you!. I feel like I should apologize for the really dark place the prompt went for me.

on second thought, it looked better on you
15th-Apr-2016 06:19 pm - Weaver
Title: Weaver
Author: Lennelle
Summary: At Stanford, Sam learns to answer difficult questions.
Word Count: 1,162
Author's Note: Written for tumblr's spnwritingchallenge with the prompt: Maybe I'm making it all up. 
13th-Apr-2016 08:06 pm - Fic: Red Rover
brightly lit, princess tutu
Title: Red Rover
Author: brightly_lit
Fandoms: SPN and MCU (Winter Soldier) crossover
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1,700
Genre: gen (but some might feel that shades of Sam/Bucky crept in), badassery, "us against the world," angst, new connection/friend, loneliness, show-level violence
Characters: Sam Winchester, Bucky Barnes, Tim, Reggie, other SPN hunters
Summary: After the events of "Free to Be You and Me," Sam continues working at the bar. A customer comes along with whom Sam feels something he's seldom felt in his whole lonely life: a real kinship.

Read it here!
13th-Apr-2016 01:47 am - Flash poem: Undercover
Title: Undercover
Author: crowroad3
Character: Sam
Genre: cento, of sorts
Prompt: Sam’s favorite books
Summary: the not-monsters of page magic

Written for the spnapo "We've Got Words to Do" Challenge.  Come play!

AKFcandle, SDCC15, Jared
TITLE: Only Mostly Dead
GENRE: Sam POV, gen
RATING: R for show level violence, graphic imagery and language
WARNINGS; Spoilers for 11x17, lots and lots of spoilers
SUMMARY: He fights so hard to live because he doesn't want Dean to die.
A/N: thanks to adelheide for very thoughtful comments and feedback.

10th-Apr-2016 03:57 pm - Fic: Fate (PG-13, Gen, 1/1)
Title: Fate
Author: Center of the Galaxy
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sam, Dean, Michelle and Corbin
Spoilers: 11x17
Word Count: 818
Pairing/Genre: Gen; Tragedy, Angst

Summary: "Dean can't do this again. He really can't."

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