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i can see inside you
the fever called living
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In honor of our dear Sammy’s 33rd birthday, we’re hosting a comment fic and art meme!



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27th-Aug-2016 10:02 pm - How the Wild Things Start Updated
Sam + Blood.
Title: How the Wild Things Start — chapter 14
Rating: mature for dark themes
Genre: tragedy/horror/family
Warnings: lots of trauma, PTSD, a bit of a mentally altered Sam, gore/violence, and a few more mature themes like suicidal ideation.
Notes: I posted this as a oneshot a while back, but it's gained a lot of traction since then and has been updated quite a few times! Feel free to check it out on AO3 and fanfiction.net. Feedback is always welcome, thank you so much! It's a pretty dark universe, so heed any warnings included in the chapters!

Summary: An alternate universe where Sam is taken in 9x23, Dean lives through his ordeal with Metatron, and a lot of horrible things happen. Trapped in a fighting ring where hunters and monsters are pitted against each other, Sam just tries his best to survive and not completely lose himself in the process.

"This Sam's as thin as he had been in the church, eyes dark and bruised, the shape of his ribs prominent through the undershirt clinging to his figure — and there are scars. Scars kissing scars embracing scars, down his arms and peeking from his collar and intersecting spots on his hairline... The sight is from a nightmare, something Dean pictured but never wanted to find. Because he's an idiot who prayed for a healthy, tanned, muscular brother knocking on his door and saying "surprise, I'm here". A Sam who'd burst out of his captor's hands like a fuckin' superhero, who was hurting on the inside, hiding it under layers of plaid and beer and organic fruity shit. Dean expected a Sam who buried it all like they'd both buried Hell.

But that's the stupidest thing he ever hoped for."


Please see warnings at top of chapters, if any.

28th-Aug-2016 12:53 am - [Fic] Open Book (Part 5)
Title: Open Book
Author: pineapplefan92
Rating: T
Genre/Pairing: Gen
Characters: Sam, Dean
Summary: Dean was always able to read Sam like an open book. Until he wasn't.
Chapters: 5/?

Posted on: FF.net | AO3
26th-Aug-2016 03:50 pm - Wind Chimes
Title: Wind Chimes
Author: lennelle
Summary: John and Dean have to identify a body.
Author's Note: Based on this prompt: I just watched season 1 again, and in the episode 'Benders' I think it was practically Sam's fault that the dad died as he got out, took out the brothers and the father, whatever.
So I think that if the brothers got outta jail or escaped they would come after Sam as pay back. So they tortured Sam or they hunt him like they were going to do the first time or anything really, your call on that :). It can also be a deathfic, don't mind. Don't care what season, thou not within season three :P

The ending is open to interpretation.

On Ao3 and LJ
21st-Aug-2016 08:35 pm - Fic: Dreams Come True (Gen, PG)
Title: Dreams Come True
Author: Center of the Galaxy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,074
Characters: Sam, mentions of Dean and John.
Set in: Stanford Era.

Summary: "The first night at Stanford is the hardest."

Read it here.
21st-Aug-2016 02:07 pm - Maybe It's For The Best
Title: Maybe It's For The Best
Author: Lennelle
Summary: Sam's sick. Real sick. And maybe it's time for the Winchesters to put aside their stubborness and figure things out.
Word Count: 6698
Author's Note:Prompted by Anonymous: For a prompt, I have actually been hoping to see a Stanford story where Sam is either critically hurt or very sick and Dean and John have to find out from an outsider (maybe Bobby or Jim). I would prefer this to either be before Jess or AU without Jess. Just guilty Dean and John because they weren't around and plenty of sick or hurt Sam!
The end is open to interpretation.
Set during the Stanford-era

On AO3 | LJ
19th-Aug-2016 08:31 pm - Nobody's Home 2/2
Title: Nobody's Home 2/2
Author: mentholpixie
Word Count: 1700
Characters: Sam, Dean, John
Summary: All he knows is that he has to get away. (Cursed/amnesiac!Sam)

Chapter One
11th-Aug-2016 11:52 am - [Fic] Open Book (Part 4)
Title: Open Book
Author: pineapplefan92
Rating: T
Genre/Pairing: Gen
Characters: Sam, Dean
Summary: Dean was always able to read Sam like an open book. Until he wasn't.
Chapters: 4/?

Posted on: FF.net | AO3
9th-Aug-2016 07:53 pm - Fic: Survivor's Guilt (Gen, PG-13)
Title: Survivor's Guilt
Author: Center of the Galaxy
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sam, Dean. Mentions of others.
Word Count: 1,950 words.
Genres: Hurt/Comfort, Tragedy.
Trigger warning: low self-esteem (negative self-image) and suicidal ideation.
Spoilers: Through 11x17.

Summary: "I'd die for you, Sammy." Sam detests that phrase.

Read it on fanfication.net
Read it live journal
6th-Aug-2016 12:19 pm - Wash My Soul

Title: Wash My Soul
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Pairing: Gen
Characters: Sam, Dean, Benny
Word Count: 4,364 (complete)
Spoilers: Season 7/8
"When he found Sam, his brother was on his knees, hands clasped together, head bowed in front of a bare altar." - Season 8!AU: After Dean disappears by killing the Leviathans, Sam turns to God.
Links: AO3 - FFN

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