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2nd-Nov-2016 01:33 pm - [sticky post] OhSam Triple Play 2016!
It's November 2, an auspicious (if ominous) day for our darling Sam, so to herald his introduction to The Red Stuff, let's revisit an annual tradition. Welcome to the OhSam Triple Play 2016! This year, we're offering a focus on a reoccurring theme in Sam's life: blood.

"Blood" could be interpreted in many ways. Family don't end with blood. The demon blood addiction. Injury. Familial woes. Blood magicks. Simply the color red. If it can be related to blood, even vaguely? IT'S ON POINT.



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5th-Dec-2016 06:35 pm - Vid: Sam Winchester | All My Tears

Title: Sam Winchester | All My Tears
Vidder: BeyondThe_ Winchesters (aka imaginingjarpad)
Warnings: Spoilers up to season 8
Song: All My Tears
Artist: Ane Brun
Category: Character build
Characters: Sam Winchester, few scenes involving Dean Winchester

Note: This is my first time posting here, so I really hope I'm doing this right
Title: You can never go home
Author: amberdreams
Pairing/Characters: Sam, Dean, Jess
Word count: c6300
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A bucket load of angst at the end. Jess POV; Canon divergence; unreliable narrators; open/ambiguous/unhappy endings…

Summary: A retelling of the Pilot, where Jess goes with Sam and Dean to look for John Winchester and ghosts in Jericho. In the process Jess learns more about Sam and herself than she bargains for.

Links: LJ/AO3

Title: A Merry Heart Does Good Like Medicine
Author: pineapplefan92
Rating: T
Characters: Sam, Dean, John, Bobby
Summary: It was oddly calm once the carolers had moved on to the next room. The same kind of calm that Sam always felt on Christmas Eve. Like the world was still for a change. Peaceful. He was just glad that being holed up in a hospital bed hadn't changed that. Teenchesters.
Chapters: 28/30

Posted on: FF.net | AO3

29th-Nov-2016 04:53 pm - Fic: I'm With You (PG-13, Gen)
Title: I'm With You
Author: Center of the Galaxy
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Trigger warning: Attempted suicide
Spoilers: Season 3
Word Count: Over 4,000
Characters: Sam, Dean and Bobby

Summary: "If Dean thought Sam would just give up on trying to undo the deal, then he didn't know his baby brother at all."

Read on fanfiction.net

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28th-Nov-2016 09:45 am - Fic: (Don't) Save Me
Title: (Don't) Save Me
Pairing: Lucifer (Vince Vincente)/Sam
Author: toratio
Rating: R
Word Count: ~ 4,000
Summary: Sam Winchester and Vince Vincente - two men violated by the Devil
Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural
Warning: graphic non-con, angst, language, season 12 spoilers (up until 12x06)

"You know what they say, Sam … you should never meet your heroes."

Sam comes face-to-face with Lucifer, wearing Vince Vincente. This is the fallout.

At my journal
23rd-Nov-2016 10:06 pm - The Circle
Title: The Circle
Author: lennelle
Summary: Sam attends a support group.
Word Count: 1348
Author's Note: Set post-epsidode 11x14 'The Vessel'. Mentions of past rape and sexual abuse.

21st-Nov-2016 05:19 pm - The Collector: chapter 1 + 2
Title: The Collector
Author: lennelle
Summary: Sam was taken, his father tells him. Maybe that's why he doesn't feel quite right in his skin, like he's wearing a suit that doesn't quite fit. He's told that he's okay now.
Pretend it never happened. Just forget about it. Sam's already forgotten. He doesn't remember a thing.
Maybe it's time he remembered.
Author's Notes: The first chapter was written as a fill for the ohsam Triple Play 2016 (The prompt was 1) the back seat of the impala, 2) John, 3) coughing up blood), but I've decided to turn it into a multi-chapter fic.

On AO3
20th-Nov-2016 08:35 pm - Fic: Plush
Title: Plush
Pairing: non-con (proxy) Lucifer/Sam, Sam/Jess, Sam/Amelia
Author: toratio
Rating: R
Word Count: ~ 1,500
Summary: Sam has had some soft toys over the years.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural
Warning: Cage violence (physical/sexual/psychological), fucked-up physical/sexual violence with an inanimate object, very slight season 12 spoilers, not a coda to the SPN ep 'Plush'

So, uh, this is kind of messed up. Pay attention to the warnings.

fic at my journal
19th-Nov-2016 09:07 pm - [Fic] Open Book - Chapter 11

Title: Open Book
Author: pineapplefan92
Rating: T
Genre/Pairing: Gen
Characters: Sam, Dean
Summary: Dean was always able to read Sam like an open book. Until he wasn't.
Chapters: 11/?

Posted on: FF.net | AO3

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